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Tension fabric basically means a kind of fabric covered over a rigid frame or display stand. People design the material to fit the design of the frame it is being pulled onto. Tension fabric materials are most commonly used for banner and trade show displays.

UNISIGN is a professional tension fabric manufacturer and supplier in China. Our tension fabric is available worldwide.

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Application Backdrop Fabric For Display Wall

Backdrop Fabric For Display Wall

Application Backdrop Fabric For Display System

Backdrop Fabric For Display System

Application Backdrop Fabric For Pop Up

Backdrop Fabric For Pop Up

Application Fabric Display

Sublimation Fabric For Fabric Display

Application Backdrop Fabric For Lag And Display

Sublimation Fabric For Display And Flag

Application Fabric Display1

Display Fabric For Pop Up

Application Lightbox Fabircs2

Sublimation Fabric For LightBox

Application Lightbox Fabircs1

Sublimation Fabric For LightBox

Application Lightbox Fabircs3

Sublimation Fabric For LightBox

About Tension Fabric

As we all know that tension fabrics and tension fabric displays are becoming one of the most utilized and sought-after signage displays used in advertising, exhibiting, and event promotion.

The most popular tension fabric is polyester. Because it is a synthetic material that can hold color very well in sunlight and when machine washed in cold water. One of the most significant benefits of polyester fabric is holding vivid colors. Polyester tension fabrics are also very lightweight and easy to transport.

As we said above, tension polyester fabrics perfectly keep their color in sunlight and cold machine washing. Thanks to the durability of the fabric itself and the dye sublimation printing process which are used to create those colors and graphics.

Dye sublimation printing is making ink transfer into the polyester material through a heat press, instead of printing “on” the fabric. The heat turns the ink from the transfer paper into a gas that the fabric absorbs when it is processed through the heat press. The fabric and print are easy to dry when it has run through the heat press which prevents printing issues including ink dotting or spreading. When the ink dries faster, the images and colors will be clearer ad sharper.

When people want to make an impact at their trade show event or in-store promotion but don’t like all the hassle of bulky graphics, tension fabric displays will be their choice. Like Stretch Backdrops & 3-D Pop-Ups, Tension Fabric Table Covers & Kits, ceiling hanging banners, and tension Fabric Counters & Booth Furniture. For these kinds of tension fabric displays, the tension fabric normally is not waterproof. There are so many different options when it comes to tension fabric display systems, people can easily create an entire booth using the same stretch material.

Product Advantages

Easy To Be Peel Out Without Residual Glue

PVC-free,Environment friendly.

Very Soft Recyclable And Friendly To The Environment.

RECYCLED yarn producible.

Anti Flame Is Available

B1,NFPA701,JIS L 1091,M1 FR



The Colors Turn Out Exceptionally Vibrant On These Fabrics For An Eye Popping Flag.

Color boosting.

The Scratch Resistant Finish Makes It Ideal For Frequently Used Pop Up And Roll Up Exhibition Graphics

Crease resistant.

Specifications of tension fabric backdrop

ItemsSubscriptionSpecificationMax Width
DSP-BLK-01Black Back Backdrops Fabric100m/110yards,260g/sq.m(7.6oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'
DSP-BLK-WWhite Blockout Backdrops Fabric100m/110yards,310g/sq.m(9oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'
DSP-BLK-DDouble Side Printable Blockout100m/110yards,260g/sq.m(7.6oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'
DSP-BLK-DRTSuper White Double Side Blockout100m/110yards,260g/sq.m(7.6oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'

Specifications of tension fabric display

ItemsTypeSpecificationMax Width
DSP05Popular Display Fabric100m/110yards,175g/sq.m(5.2oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'
DSP06NEconomic Display Fabric100m/110yards,230g/sq.m(6.8oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'
DSP09Popular Display Fabric100m/110yards,230g/sq.m(6.8oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'
DSP08-TSpandex Fabric100m/110yards,230g/sq.m(6.8oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'

Specifications of Light Box Fabric

ItemsTypeSpecificationMax Width
SDB150Aurora Backlit Woven Fabric100m/110yards,150g/sq.m(4.4oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'
STB150Aurora Backlit Woven Fabric100m/110yards,150g/sq.m(4.4oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'
SDB190Aurora Backlit Plus B Woven Fabric100m/110yards,190g/sq.m(5.6oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'
STB190Aurora Backlit Plus B Woven Fabric100m/110yards,190g/sq.m(5.6oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'
SDB185Aurora Shiny Backlit Woven Fabric100m/110yards,185g/sq.m(5.5oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'
STB185Aurora Shiny Backlit Woven Fabric100m/110yards,185g/sq.m(5.5oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'
SDB270KNMeteor Backlit Knitted Fabric100m/110yards,270g/sq.m(7.9oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'
SDB280Starlight Backlit WovenFabric50m/55yards,280g/sq.m(8.2oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'
SDB250Triple White Backlit Woven Fabric50m/55yards,250g/sq.m(7.3oz/sq.yd)3.2m/126'