PVC Coated Tarpaulin Available Worldwide

PVC coated tarpaulins are also called PVC coated tarps, vinyl coated polyester tarps, or vinyl coated tarps. The coated tarpaulin is a 100% waterproof material that is widely used for truck covers, truck side curtains,  boat covers, tents, awningsmembrane structuresinflatables, trailer covers, pallet covers, container covers, roofing, outdoor coverings, large format printing, etc.

PVC Coated Tarpaulin - Factory Wholesale

Shanghai Unisign Industry Material Co., Ltd. is a professional Manufacturer & Supplier for PVC coated tarpaulin rolls & custom made coated tarpaulin products based in China. We provide high quality wholesale PVC coated tarpaulin material at competitive prices for worldwide customers. Our vinyl coated polyester tarp is shipped directly from the factory at wholesale price

Pvc Tarpaulin Popular Colors Board 600x83

1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in
Max Width:5.1m/200”
Applications: truck cover, car tent cover, trailer cover, pallet cover, container cover,waterproof…

Pvc Tarpaulin Popular Colors Board 600x83

1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in
Max Width:5.1m/200”
Applications: truck cover, trailer cover, lumber tarp, container cover, car tent cover, truck side curtain…

Pvc Tarpaulin Popular Colors Board 600x83

680g/sq.m(20oz/sq.yd) 1000D*1000D 20*20/sq.in Max Width:5.1m/200” Applications: truck cover, outdoor cover, car tent cover, truck side curtain and automobile engine…

Pvc Tarpaulin Popular Colors Board 600x83

1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in
Max Width:5.1m/200”
Applications: tent (additional blockout layer to ensure 100% shading effect).

Pvc Tarpaulin Popular Colors Board 600x83

1000D*1000D, 23*23/sq.in
Max Width:5.1m/200”
Applications: tent (with diamond surface, popular in middle east and european areas).

Pvc Tarpaulin Popular Colors Board 600x83

1000D*1000D 30*30/sq.in
Max Width:3.2m/126″
Applications: truck side curtain, curtain wall, car packing shed, etc.

Pvc Tarpaulin Popular Colors Board 600x83

1000D*1000D 20*20/sq.in
Max Width:5.1m/200”
Applications: super strong PVC tarpaulin for truck cover, boat cover, outdoor coverings, etc.

PVC Coated Tarpaulin Applications

We provide high quality PVC tarpaulin materials for various applications, and we also deal with customized tarpaulin.

Automobile products: truck covers, truck side curtains, caravan covers

Outdoor activities: tents, rainwear, rain coats, umbrellas

Sporting products: gym mats, healthcare mattresses

Recreational activities: awnings, inflatable kayaks

Clothing: police suits

PVC Coated Tarpaulin for Truck Side Curtain

Lumber Tarps (2)~1

PVC coated tarpaulin For Lumber Tarp

PVC coated tarpaulin For Trailer Cover

PVC coated tarpaulin For Car Packing Shade Roof Cover

PVC coated tarpaulin For awning

PVC coated tarpaulin For Bouncy Castles

Gym Mat

Vehicle Wash Mat

PVC coated tarpaulin For Container Cover

PVC Coated Tarpaulin for Pallet Cover

PVC Coated Tarpaulin For Curtain Wall

PVC Coated Tarpaulin For Boat Cover

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What is PVC coated tarpaulin?

PVC coated tarpaulin is fabricated from 100% polyester scrim coated with high-quality PVC paste on both sides to strengthen the binding. It is a fabric that is resistant to water, dirt, sunlight, and chemicals, and also adds strength and durability to it. The PVC coated tarp is sturdy and long-lasting for all kinds of applications for its resistance to fray, rip and tear.

PVC coated fabric roll
PVC coated fabric roll
pvc coated tarpaulin
PVC coated tarpaulin

Due to its excellent durability and flexibility, it is widely used for backpacks, truck covers, biofloc tanks, tent covers, awnings, boat covers, pallet covers, inflatable boats, gym mats, membrane structures, etc.

With 15+ years of experience, Unisign is a leading PVC coated tarpaulin manufacturer & supplier that exports our products to 90+ countries. Our factories offer a variety of PVC coated tarpaulin rolls and custom PVC coated tarpaulin products that come in different colors, sizes, and patterns, which range from 240 gsm to 1300 gsm. We also offer professional and experienced sales teams to provide clients the competitive wholesale prices. If you are looking for high-quality PVC coated tarpaulin material, don’t forget to contact us for more specific information and quotation lists.

Is PVC coated tarpaulin strong?

Because PVC coated tarpaulin is coate with high-tenacity PVC pastes on both sides, it’s an ideal option for applications in construction facilities, industrial usage, and agricultural applications. Due to its superior durability and tear resistance, PVC coated tarp has been favored across the world.

Pvc Tarpaulin Factory Roll3
PVC coated tarpaulin
Pvc Tarpaulin Rolls
coated tarpaulin rolls

Is PVC coated tarpaulin weather resistant?

The temperature resistance of PVC coated tarpaulin is from -35 to 70 celsius degrees. Apart from the excellent performance of weather resistance, the coated PVC tarpaulin holds up well to the influence of fire, heat, alcohols, fats, oils, salts, and inorganic chemicals. Moreover, PVC coated tarpaulin fabric is also resistant to exposure of UV radiation, the prolonged sun exposure has little or no impact on the durability and flexibility of the PVC coated tarps.

vinyl coated polyester tarp
vinyl coated polyester tarp
vinyl coated polyester
vinyl coated polyester

PVC coated tarpaulin properties

  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Waterproof
  • Self-cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Fire-retardant
  • Long service life
  • Custom color options
  • Wide applicable temperature: -35~70℃
  • Tensile strength and excellent durability
  • Weather resistant: resistant to fire, heat, alcohols, fats, oils, salts, and inorganic chemicals.
Fire Retardant
Fire Retardant
water proof & Tensile Strength
Water Proof & Tensile Strength

Features of PVC Coated Tarpaulin

Certificates of Unisign PVC Tarpaulin

PVC Coated tarpaulin factory - wholesale PVC Coated tarpaulin

Shanghai Unisign Industrial Material Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of PVC Tarpaulin. Now we have 2 factories manufacturing bases as our support. Equipped with 3 calender lines & 5 laminating and coating lines, we produce more than 120 million square meters annually.

With 15+ years of experience, UNISIGN PVC tarpaulin has been sold to 90+ countries and areas of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia,  Russia, Egypt, Tunisia, etc., and more foreign markets will be promoted in future…

Equipped with 20 m auto-cutting machine, 40 m auto high frequency welding machine & some other stitching machines, hot air welding machines etc, we can accept OEM & ODM.

Specifications of PVC Coated Tarpaulin

ItemsWeightBase FabricMax WidthStandard Length
UCT1122/610610g/sq.m(18oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1122/650650g/sq.m(19oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1122/750B750g/sq.m(22oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1122/680680g/sq.m(20oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 18*16/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1122/700700g/sq.m(20.6oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 18*16/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1122/850850g/sq.m(25oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT2323/850850g/sq.m(25oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 23*23/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1133/900P900g/sq.m(26oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 30*30/sq.in3.2m/126"50m/55yds; 100m/110yards

Specifications of PVC knife coated tarpaulin

ItemsWeightBase FabricMax WidthStandard Length
UKCT1122/610610g/sq.m(18oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in3.45m/126'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UKCT1122/650650g/sq.m(19oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in3.45m/126'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UKCT2220/610610g/sq.m(18oz/sq.yd)1000D*1300D, 22*20/sq.in3.45m/136'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UKCT3032/12501250g/sq.m(37oz/sq.yd)1500D*1500D, 30*32/sq.in3.45m/136'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UKCT112323/850850g/sq.m(25oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 23*23/sq.in3.45m/126'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UKCT3034/10501050g/sq.m(31oz/sq.yd)1300D*1300D, 30*34/sq.in3.45m/136'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards

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