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PVC Coated Tarpaulin Available Worldwide

The coated tarpaulin is a waterproof material that is widely used for swimming pools, biofloc fish tanks, truck covers, inflatable boats, tents, waterproof backpack bags, etc.

Shanghai Unisign Industry Material Co, Ltd is a professional PVC coated polyester tarpaulin manufacturer and supplier in China. It’s made of polyester fabric that coated with polyurethane.

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Application Coated Tarpaulin

Coated Tarpaulin For Truck Cover

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Coated Tarpaulin For Pool Cover

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Coated Tarpaulin For The Truck Side Curtain

About Coated PVC Tarpaulin

The coated tarpaulin is a waterproof material that is widely used for outdoor coverings. It is made of cloth or polyester and is coated with polyurethane. Loops and ropes are equipped to keep it in place.

The PVC coated tarpaulin is flexible, durable, waterproof, windproof, flame retardant, anti-rot, anti-dust, anti-aging, anti-freeze, anti-UV, etc. Its coating surfaces withstand the sun, wind, and low temperature. And there is no need to worry about shrinkage. It is widely used in roofing, construction sites, equipment, trucks, etc.

Product Advantages

Water Resistant Adhesion Upon Curved Or Bent Surface Easily


Weather Resistant Uv Rain Typhoon And Frost.



Acrylic Lacquered

Anti Flame Is Available

Fire Retardant



Specifications of PVC Coated Tarpaulin

Items Weight Base Fabric Max Width Standard Length
UCT1122/610 610g/sq.m(18oz/sq.yd) 1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in 5.1m/200' 50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1122/650 650g/sq.m(19oz/sq.yd) 1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in 5.1m/200' 50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1122/720 720g/sq.m(21oz/sq.yd) 1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in 5.1m/200' 50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1816/510 510g/sq.m(15oz/sq.yd) 1000D*1000D, 18*16/sq.in 5.1m/200' 50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT2323/1100 1100g/sq.m(32oz/sq.yd) 1000D*1000D, 23*23/sq.in 5.1m/200' 50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT2826/1100 1100g/sq.m(32oz/sq.yd) 1000D*1000D, 28*26/sq.in 5.1m/200' 50m/55yds; 100m/110yards