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What Do Different Colors of PVC Tarpaulin Represent?

PVC Tarpaulin has gained great popularity around the world. When people speak of tarps, the image of blue PVC tarps will come to their minds immediately. Blue tarps are favorable in the market due to their superior durability and economical price. Though blue vinyl PVC tarpaulin has versatile applications such as truck covers, truck side curtains, and boat covers, other colors of PVC tarps can be applied for a variety of purposes as well.

Therefore, in this article, we explore the various functions of different colors represent and help you choose the most suitable PVC tarpaulin. 

Pvc Tarpaulin Material Colorful
Colorful PVC Tarps

What do differen colors of PVC tarpaulin mean?

The colors of vinyl PVC tarps don’t have a fixed, universal industry standard. There are no government mandates or industry organization guidelines specifying what the various tarp colors must stand for. However, in general, most businesses tend to interpret different tarp colors to mean the same general criteria. The following will introduce the ordinary colors of tarps represent.

Blue, green and brown PVC tarpaulin

Blue, green, and brown PVC tarps are generally utilized in the field of industry and transportation. These tarps are favorable among employees in the building industry, roofers, farmers, and drivers.

Trailer Cover Tarp
Trailer Cover

Yellow, orange, and red PVC tarpaulin

Yellow, orange, and red PVC tarpaulin is a perfect option when visibility is a primary concern. These bright-colored tarps are frequently used to imply danger.

Orange Safety Mesh For Road .jpg
Orange Safety Mesh For Road

White and silver PVC tarpaulin

Since white and silver tarps are designed to reflect heat and sunlight, they are ideal choices to offer shade for people. These PVC tarps are widely used in tents, canopies, awnings, membrane structures, etc

Membrane Structure And Tent Material1
Membrane Structure And Tent Material

Clear PVC tarpaulin

Clear PVC tarpaulin is both an artistic and durable product. It is specially designed to utilize in outdoor places such as patios, gardens, pavillions, bars, and gazebos.

Clear Tarpaulin Curtains
Clear Tarpaulin Curtains

Black and dark gray PVC tarpaulin

Black and dark gray PVC tarps are typically coated with a UV protection layer to extend the lifespan of these tarps. Since they can absorb heat rather than reflect it, allowing the items they cover to stay cool. Black is the best color choice for tarps when it is intended to resist continuous, prolonged outdoor exposure.

boat fabric
Boat Fabric

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