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UNISIGN® Window film Self-adhesive Vinyl has the capability of good ink absorption and color penetration, the printing effect can be well guaranteed in terms of vivid color expression. The PVC film with equality, stabilization variegation, is suitable for use on a variety of super wide-format inkjet printers using a solvent ink.

Our products are recommended for a wide range of short-term promotional applications on flat substrates. Its types of uses include privacy window film, security window film, window insulation film, UV blocking window film, heat blocking window film, etc. Please contact us if you are considering it.

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About Window Film

Window film, (film window covering) is a kind of laminate film, made of PVC film, permanent & removable glue, and liner paper, it can be used as indoors & outdoors decorations. It is widely used because of its clarity, tensile strength, stability, and various surface treatments.

Product Advantages

Can Be Computer Cut For Designed Logos Or Lettering

Can be computer cut for designed logos or lettering.

High Light Transmission Two Way Privacy While Maintaining Abundant Light Levels

High light transmission: Two-way privacy while maintaining abundant light levels.

Cost Effective And Flexible Alternative To Traditional Acid Etching Sandblasting Or Printing

Cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional acid-etching sandblasting or printing.

Quick Retro Fit Installation

Quick, retro-fit installation Introduce privacy when and where it is required; ideal for glazing in rooms with a change of use.

Very Soft Recyclable And Friendly To The Environment.

Removable: Gives the option to remove, replace or update in the future.

Incorporate Manifestations

Incorporate manifestations. Can be used to help satisfy Health & Safety requirements for large areas of uninterrupted glazing, such as glass partitions

Gives Soft White Appearance Internally And Externally

Gives soft white appearance internally and externally.

Window Film

Items Specification Width
UWF01 Film thickness:0.12mm, Release paper: 120gsm 1.22/1.37/1.52m
UWF03 Film thickness:0.12mm, Release paper: 120gsm 1.22/1.37/1.52m
UWF6000 Film thickness:0.10mm, Release paper: 140gsm 1.22m
UWF9000 Film thickness:0.10mm, Release paper: 140gsm 1.22m