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Everything You Need To Know About Self Adhesive Vinyl Film

What is self-adhesive vinyl film?

Self adhesive vinyl film is flexible and versatile material that can be used to make eye-catching signs and logos for business or personal use. It is commonly to be used to create outdoor and indoor graphics for advertising, but can also be used to decorate walls, windows and other areas of an office or home.

Self adhesive Vinyl has the capability of good ink absorption and color penetration, the printing effect can be well guaranteed in terms of vivid color expression. The PVC film with equality, stabilization variegation, it is suitable for using on a variety of super wide format digital printers.This product is recommended for a wide range of short term promotional applications on flat substrates.

This material is available from many digital printing material supply manufacturers around the globe, and is strong enough to withstand high temperatures and water.

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Feature of self adhesive vinyl

1.Easy to absorb ink and the graphics are brilliant.

2.Flexible, it is not easy to break. .

3.Excellent performance ratio for out door promotional graphics.

4.Easy to be peel off without Residual glue

5.Premium series has three years guarantee.

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What is self-adhesive vinyl good for?

1. Car bodyand wall body advertising.
2. Interior & exterior signs.
3. Vehicle advertising or graphics, irregular flat surface advertising.
4. Removable for temporary promotional and point of sale advertising.

Self-adhesive vinyl is ok to be used on its own home decorating or making signage for business purpose, and also be used to create certain types of decorative accessory.

Self-adhesive vinyl application include: creating display advertising material, creating removable sticker decorations for walls or window, and cutting it into lettering to serve as a decorative accent on other types of decor. Sticker and decal may be used on vehicle to advertise the company name or logo. Banners or letters made with self-adhesive vinyl can be placed on large window or glass door. Self-adhesive vinyl tiles can be used to create low-cost flooring for kitchen, bathroom and foyer.


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Self Adhesive Vinyl Film (3)

There are many different types and styles of self-adhesive vinyl available, and these can be customized with logos, pictures and special fonts if needed.Self-adhesive vinyl sticker and banner can also be dyed a certain color. The different self adhesive vinyl include premium sheet, reflective, fluorescent, digitally printed decals and vinyl letters or number. Matte, gloss and clear style are also options for creating vivid, eye-catching signs and images for displays and booths. Self-adhesive vinyl sticker and decal may also be available in sheet or ream.

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In many cases, self-adhesive vinyl signs and banners can be customized to suit a particular company’s logo. Cutted vinyl decals, stickers and banners are also available online and through some printing shop offline. Vinyl letter and number are often priced and sold per character. Both permanent and removable self-adhesive vinyl options are available so the material can be used for a variety of purposes. Custom stickers and decals typically require a high-resolution image to be sent in so that the sign maker can replicate the exact size and colors needed.

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