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What is one way vision?

One Way Vision is a cost-effective calendered digital perforated film, to give a graphic image to the outside while still keeping visibility to the outside from the inside. It let the eyes see the images only from the exterior. It allowed people inside can see out, but viewers on the outside only see your graphic. 

One way vision has a black Back with self-adhesive, 1.6mm holes that allow light through.  The light transmission of the holes is around 35%, which can work to increase privacy, and block some light.

You can introduce any format on enormous glass surfaces without seriously limiting the inventory of light on the inside. Glossy surface. 

What are the Benefits of One-way Vision Film?

One Way Vision2 1

Privacy: The ability to see from one side without being seen offers great privacy. More so because this privacy doesn’t come at the cost of visual appeal, since the film allows for displaying great graphics on the outside. 

Great for Branding: In addition to providing privacy, one-way vision films for glass provide a great creative asset to showcase your offerings/identity. They convert simple walls of glass into usable spaces to communicate with our visitors and audience. That’s unarguably a great real estate vertical when it comes to displaying your brand.

Changeability: There are times when the branding on glass needs to be changed or updated. Imagine that the product offering you’re showcasing has evolved/updated. Just peel the old sticker and paste a new one in its place.

What are the differences between one-way vision and two-way vision?

The two-way vision sticker can display a clear pattern on both sides, while the one-way vision sticker has only one side to show a clear pattern.

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The two-way vision picture has high image precision and high color saturation. It not only has a good advertising effect, but also good light transmission, but the two-way vision has a general perspective performance. While the one-way vision picture has poor picture precision and light color. The color is less saturated, but the transparency of the one-way vision sticker is very good, and the outside situation can be clearly seen.

One way vision sticker is a kind of effective advertising material that is made of black and white PVC laminated with pressure-sensitive adhesive and release paper. It is suitable for the window surface, glass door, and window, glass curtain wall, or the glass surface of the vehicle. The use of sunlight, and the effect of advertising.

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