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Self Adhesive Vinyl Sticker4 600x400

What is the self-adhesive vinyl sticker?

Self-adhesive vinyl consists of PVC film, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive and PE-coated paper is mainly for digital printing. Self-adhesive vinyl is available in a full range of widths up to 2.02m, which covers short terms for promotion, medium, and long-term usage.

Self-adhesive vinyl is a flexible material that is commonly used to make colorful and eye-catching signs and graphics. Self-adhesive vinyl has the future of waterproof and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Self-adhesive vinyl is a good material that can be printed with any custom graphics with full colors. You can use vinyl on most flat and curved surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, or aluminum. Self-adhesive vinyl can be applied to a digital printing machine. You can use self-adhesive to create eye-catching advertisements for your business anywhere. The versatile vinyl is available in a range of different colors and finishes such as matt and glossy.

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  • Window, Door, Bus body, Wall, Board advertising, large format billboard.
  • Interior & exterior signs.
  • Vehicle advertising, supermarket advertising, subway advertising, shopping mall advertising, roadside advertising.
  • Removable vinyl for temporary promotional and point of sale advertising.
Self Adhesive Vinyl Sticker4
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Different glue for self-adhesive vinyl

There are three options for glue on self-adhesive vinyl, clear, black, and grey.

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Self Adhesive Vinyl Sticker11
Self Adhesive Vinyl Sticker10

PVC film for self-adhesive vinyl

We can choose monomeric or polymeric PVC film for self-adhesive vinyl. The monomeric film can be used on a flat surface, like glass windows, glass doors, and flat boards. A polymeric film is usually on a curved surface for wrapping a car or bus. The outdoor durability for the monomeric film is 1-2years and polymeric can be used 3-5years outdoor.

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Self Adhesive Vinyl Sticker14

Special features for self-adhesive vinyl

Removable glue: Customers can use removable glue for short advertising as it is very easy to remove after use.

Opaque film: Opaque film can paste on the surface when it is not blank. The customer doesn’t need to remove the former self-adhesive vinyl to save the labor fees.

Bubble-free: The best way to remove bubbles and wrinkles is to use the film with bubble film.

High tack: When the outdoor temperature is continuously high, high tack can offer good adhesion.

Double PE: When we use double PE release paper for self-adhesive vinyl, it can be anti-curl on the edge if the environment is not dry.

How to shelf the self-adhesive vinyl correctly?

In order to perform to the best of its ability, you need to ensure you store it correctly. The self-adhesive vinyl should be kept in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. We recommend shelving vinyl in a good place such as a garage. The self-adhesive vinyl rolls should be suspended or stood on end on the roll blocks provided. The self-adhesive vinyl shouldn’t be stored for more than two years and also ensure that the substrate is clean. If there is dust on the substrate, it can lead to bubbles in the vinyl.

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Self Adhesive Vinyl Sticker16 1024x683

How to install self-adhesive vinyl

1: Clean the surface that you’re applying the self-adhesive vinyl with a damp cloth. If you’re applying self-adhesive vinyl to the class then you can use denatured alcohol to clean the surface.

2: Catch your self-adhesive vinyl and peel back a small section of the backing paper and fold it back on itself.

3: Apply the area with the adhesive uncovered to the surface and rub down slowly and gently with a squeegee.

4: Remove the backing paper downwards from behind, while rubbing down the vinyl using a squeegee.

5: Once you’re happy with the placement of the vinyl, use a squeegee and firmly rub down the vinyl and remove any water from in-between the self-adhesive vinyl and the surface.

Suitable Printers

All kinds of solvent bass or eco-solvent based printers include VUTEK, NUR, SCITEX, ARIZONA, SALASA, TECKWIN, YASELAN, FLORA, INFINITI, etc…

Compatible Inks

The self-adhesive vinyl can be used for Solvent ink, eco-solvent ink, UV, and latex.

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