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What sublimation fabric is used for backdrops?

Are polyester fabrics really good for backdrops?

The biggest advantage of using polyester fabrics over vinyl material is that the polyester backdrops are free from shrinkage and wrinkles. The polyester backdrops are washable, and it is longer durable than the vinyl material. The polyester fabrics are resistant to most chemicals and also environment friendly.

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How is sublimation printing working?

Dye sublimation printing is a magic process where all beautiful designs can come to life on fabric. The beautiful colors translate perfectly as the ink is heat-pressed onto the fabric.

Scientifically speaking, sublimation is one process by which a solid turns into a gas without going through the liquid stage. For example, think of an ice cube: freezing and melting are more familiar phase transitions, but when ice cubes shrink in the freezer, it is an example of sublimation.

Dye sublimation printing with paper transfer indeed uses true sublimation when transferring the image from paper to the substrate. The unique point is that the process uses a heat cycle to cause the ink to vaporize and make a richer and more distinct printed image than other kinds of printing, especially on polyester fabric. The dyes used in the sublimation process bond best with polymers, so the greater amounts of polyester in the material, the more the dye will bind to the fabric. The polyester fabrics for the popular backdrops are 100% polyester, which is making the brightest and crispest images possible.

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Are there multiple choices for backdrop fabric?

Polyester fabric with medium weight such as 135gsm,230gsm, and 260gsm with B1 flame retardant are some good choices for a backdrop. The backdrop fabric is fire-resistant, full-color printed, either with rings, hooks, or tunnels. The high-quality fabrics can be printed in full beautiful color in widths of 3 meters which are stitched together, which is not visible.

Fabric backdrops can easily be folded for transportation and can be washable in a washing machine (low temp).

Polyester Fabric Backdrop3

Here recommend one 260gsm black back Dye sublimation textile, which is very popular in Europe and USA market, and it is a very good choice for a backdrop, with a 100% opaque effect.

Below are some advantages of this fabric.

1) Very soft with a slight stretch, perfect for pop-up materials and frame. 

2) It is a very little shrinkage rate at very high temperatures, this is very important for the efficiency of printing.        

3) Smoking of our fabric is 65% less than other China factories, which is similar to Georg Otto Freidrich.     

4) There is no paper sticking when the fabric is heating. 

5) Flame retardant of B1 can meet the standard of Hoch Lab.
6) This fabric’s coating fastness is similar to Georg Otto Freidrich and is 60% better than other China factories. 

If you have any interest in our backdrop fabric, pls feel free to contact Shanghai Unisign asap to catch the best choice!

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