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What is the best fabric for a lightbox?

Are you looking for a Fabric for your lightbox?

Fabric LED lightbox is a perfect choice when you prepare a display or tradeshow. Simply print the image on a soft fabric and insert it into the aluminum or SEG frame. The LED lightbox under the fabric will provide uniform brightness and vivid color throughout the box.


A fabric light box is widely used in our daily life and in almost all business areas. Whether you want to build a backlit blue sky ceiling or need a large scale of product advertising, Traditional backlit fabric can not build as big size as you require. Then the backlit fabric will be the best choice. We can build the lightbox in any size you need, up to 3.2m wide. It can not only light up your booth and business area but also make your shop outstanding. In addition, the cost to build a fabric lightbox is much lower than any other style of poster. So it is a perfect advertisement for every business area.

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All of the best lightboxes are using a tension fabric to produce a high-impact seamless printed graphic, which means they can easily adapt to new interiors, promotions, and information by simply changing the lightbox fabric. Firstly, there is no need to worry about the installation of the tension fabric light box, because its installation and removal are also very simple. There are very thin silicon strips at the edge of the lightbox. The product has a simple frame and printed fabric can be easily removed, and can be stretched without leaving wrinkles. The fabric lightbox can be made with silicon edges. This can help you make the display of the fabric light box easily. You can fold the graphics and pack them very easily. Just opening the graph again can effectively eliminate the creases by extending the crease to the lightbox. It reflects the light and has very strong color saturation.

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Recently the190gsm woven dye-sub Backlit Fabric (Aurora Plus) is becoming more and more popular among customers, currently, the 190gsm woven dye-sub Backlit Fabric (Aurora Plus) is now selling in big quantities in European and USA marketing.

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Following are some of its advantages

  • Wrinkle-free
  • Soft and smooth
  • Slight Stretch, little tension fabric
  • Super lightweight: 190gsm
  • Excellent color performance (Photo below is what we display on our booth)
  • Easy Install
  • The light will not glare, and no light leaking
  • Non-PVC, 100% Recyclable

It also has the Green Version 190gsm Aurora Plus Backlit Fabric made from Recycled Yarns certificated by the Global Recycle Standard.

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Following are the detailed specification, application, and photos of the Aurora Plus Backlit

Aurora Plus Backlit

Type No. SDB190


Features: Woven with slight stretch

Max width:  3.2m/126’

Standard length: 100m/110yards

Shrinkage: <=2%

Available FR: B1/NFPA701/AS1530

Application: SEG lightbox, SEG frame system

The 190gsm woven dye-sub Backlit Fabric (Aurora Plus) is very suitable for exhibition displays and booths, showrooms, retail displays, window displays, reception areas, roadshows, foyer areas, and museum pictures. In fact, any indoor decoration can be used as a graphic display including a tension fabric system. For example, retail stores, trade shows, exhibitions, company offices, health & medical facilities, art galleries, and museums maximize visual effects. If you need such lightbox fabric, please feel free to contact us.

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