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What are Feather Flags?

How to stand out a display of your brand on a busy street or at crowded trade show events? Feather flags are a wonderful way to draw attention to your business anywhere like a supermarket, tradeshow, shopping mall, and various locations of events. Feather flags are effective, high-visibility, and an opportunity to get your business name, logo, and colors noticed by pedestrians and road traffic alike.

Feather flag banners are good options for outdoor and indoor signage solutions for drawing attention to your business, product, or promotion. Feather flags can be used not only on beaches, grounds, and lawns but also installed on walls, fences, roofs, and tents.

The feather flag is extremely versatile and eye-catching and can be used anywhere, including both indoor and outdoor promotional display spaces. The feather flags can show your messages and brands on display with vivid graphics and can be taken anywhere you want.

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What are feather flags made of? Feather flags consist of flag poles, printed flags, and bases.

Usually, the feather flag pole is made of the material Aluminum or fiberglass. It offers different sizes for options, for example, 2.8m, 3.4m, 4.5m, and 5.5m according to different requirements. The promotional feather flags are long-lasting and durable. Our flags come with poles that are strong and measure 4 mm and 23 mm in diameter. The fiberglass material is an excellent thermal conductor, making the pole heat resistant.

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The feather flag is made from 110gsm dye sublimation printing polyester materials with full colors, which are weather resistant and extremely durable, making it perfect for use outdoors. Full colors, mean people can customize any graphic as they want on the feather flag.

The feather flags are offered in double-sided and single-sided prints. Double-sided flag banners allow for targeting people’s attention from both sides and are highly recommended. Feather flags can also print different images on both sides.

The difference between single-sided and double-sided feather flags is shown in the image above. Usually, customers prefer double-sided feather flags due to both sides of the flag being readable.

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Flag Pole Stand Options

Spike base is great for any grass or dirt locations. You just install the feather flags and then insert the spike into the ground until it is steady. Feather flags might be huge but they take up a very small footprint when using a spike base. When there are not enough places for huge advertisements, you don’t need to take up much floor space!

The cross base is perfect for flat solid surface use. The cross-base on its own weighs 3kg, so additional support will be needed to keep your feather flag kit stable when there is wind. The water base can add 5kg when filled with water. You can also use sandbags.

Heavy Duty Flat base has a big weight approximately 6-12kg on its own. It is a great flagpole mount to use when you use a feather flag indoors and want to hide the base under a table, drawer, or from the site. The stand sits flat on the floor for low visibility.

Wall Base is great to fix the feather flag on the wall. It is very easy to install when you haven’t enough position to load other bases.

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All in all, feather flags come with everything you need to set up for advertising and promotion. One set package will include a weather-resistant polyester flag, fiberglass and aluminum pole, base, and black carry bag for easy transport.

Feather flags are an economical way to show your advertisement to let more people know. They help customers find you, with big and vivid graphics on the flags. It is hard to miss! When there is wind in the air, the feather flag will move to make them much more eye-catching than fixed banners or signs.

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