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Display and display media

Popular Medias for Display Stand

Display stands are common in today’s marketing world. They are useful in trade shows, retail shops, shopping center and many other areas for various purposes. Displays are meant to present information clearly for potential customers.

How to choose the right printing Media for the display stand? Today we will introduce the popular printing Media for the different display stands.

Printing media for Pull up/Roll up stand

These are some lightweight, cost-effective solutions that are good for companies and organizations that host exhibitions and conferences regularly. Roll up stand can display your required content quickly and can easily be pulled up and collapsed conveniently into a portable casing. This way makes it easy to transport. What is the popular printing material for the roll-up stand? There are options for us:

PP paper: economic printing media for pull-ups/roll-up stand:

PP synthetic paper is different from popular natural paper, it has the advantage of being waterproof, dustproof, tearproof, and worn well. It has the advantage of good Performance of printing, which can be printed with ordinary ink. PP paper is economic printing material for roll-up stands and can be printed with eco-solvent ink.

PET banner grey back: noncurl printing media for pull-ups/roll-up stand:

PET banner is ideal printing material for the roll-up stand. It is hard and will curl on the edge which is very important for roller banners. Greyback will offer the feature of blackout on the back. The people won’t see through with grey back.

Printing Medias for Pop-up/backdrop

Pop-up Exhibition Stands are easy to assemble and disassemble as required. These light, portable display systems are the perfect trade show or conference backdrop for people who want a large wall or who exhibit and promote on a larger scale. You can put your exhibition stands in meetings, trade fairs, demonstrations, and events and even manage several presentations in one day.

PVC frontlit Banner: economic printing materials for Pop up/backdrop:

PVC banners are an excellent option for cheap and effective indoor or outdoor advertising. Typically used for outdoor events as they are durable and weatherproof, our customized PVC advertising banners are sure to get you noticed. If customers want to save costs, a PVC banner is a good option.

Tension fabric: light stretch soft printing material for pop-up/backdrop:

Tension fabric essentially means a fabric cover stretched over a rigid frame which is the most popular fabric for pop-ups/backdrops. The fabric is soft and can be designed to fit any shape of the frame it is being pulled onto. Tension fabric is very durable and made from some different materials. Polyester tension fabric is one of the most popular materials and the one most commonly used with banners and trade show displays.

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Printing Medias for Pop-up/backdrop

The Lightbox Banner Wall is extremely portable and fits into a carry case ready to set up in minutes. LED lights illuminate the vibrant graphic which attaches to a sturdy, easy-to-assemble tubular aluminum frame. High-quality backlit printing fabric gives more brilliant colors to the lightbox.

The SEG light box wall is a perfect choice when you prepare a display or tradeshow. You just need to print the image on a soft fabric and insert it into the aluminum or SEG frame. The LED light box under the fabric will provide uniform brightness and vivid color throughout the box.

PVC backlit banner: economic and long durable printing materials for lightbox

PVC backlit banners are an excellent option for cheap and effective indoor or outdoor light box advertising. Typically used for the light box as they are long-term durable and weatherproof. If customers want to save costs, PVC backlit banner is an excellent option.

PET backlit film: high-quality printing materials for lightbox

PET backlit film is a great way to showcase your graphics at night time. The translucent material allows light to pass through from the backside of your graphics. PET backlit film is  ideal for use on Eco-solvent, UV & Latex Inkjet Printers

Dye sublimation backlit film: most popular backlit fabric for the lightbox:

All of the best light boxes are using a tension fabric to produce a high-impact seamless printed graphic, which means they can easily adapt to new interiors, promotions, and information by simply changing the light box fabric. Firstly, there is no need to worry about the installation of the tension fabric light box, because its installation and removal are also very simple. There are very thin silicon strips at the edge of the lightbox. The product has a simple frame and printed fabric can be easily removed, and can be stretched without leaving wrinkles. The fabric light box can be made with silicon edges. This can help you make the display of the fabric light box easily. You can fold the graphics and pack them very easily. Just opening the graph again can effectively eliminate the creases by extending the crease to the lightbox. It reflects the light and has very strong color saturation.

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