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Tension Fabric1

What is tension fabric made of?

Tension fabric generally refers to the gray cloth with elasticity. Tension fabric is organized by rib stitch to make fabric with greater elasticity. Gray cloth refers to the relevant fibers made by textile processing, without dyeing and finishing processing. 

Tension fabrics and its application tension fabric displays have quickly become one the most utilized and popular signage displays widely used in advertising, exhibiting and event promotion.

Tension Fabric1

Tension Fabric
Tension fabric essentially means a fabric cover stretched over a rigid frame. The fabric is designed to fit the shape of frame it is being pulled onto. Tension fabric is very durable and made from some different materials. polyester tension fabric is one of the most popular materials and the one most commonly used with banners and trade show displays.  

Polyester fabric, because it is a synthetic material that holds color very well after long time in sunlight and when machine washed in cold water, is very popular for tension fabric displays. Holding the vivid colors that are produced on polyester fabric is one the most significant benefits of this polyester fabric material. Polyester tension fabrics are also durable and super lightweight.

Printing on Tension Fabrics
As mentioned, tension polyester fabrics nearly impeccably keeps its color under sunlight and after cold machine washing. That is because of the durability of the fabric itself and the printing technology that is used to create those colors and images. That printing process is dye sublimation printing.

In short, the working principle of dye sublimation printing is when the ink is transferred into the polyester fabric through heat press, as opposed to being printed “on” the fabric. The heat transforms ink from the transfer paper the image is originally printed on in reverse into a gas that the polyester fabric absorbs when it is processed through the heat press. The fabric and print are fully dry once it has run though the heat press which stops printing issues like ink dotting or spreading. The faster the ink dries the clearer and the more vivid the images and colors are.

Tension Fabric2

Simple Setup
Tension fabric displays mostly consist of aluminum tubes like hardware that fits seamlessly together and is very easy to setup. The aluminum tube hardware often comes in different and irregular shapes and designs that the polyester fabric fits over and takes the shape of. Tension or “stretch” fabrics have pillowcase like knit designs that slip over the frame easily and smoothly.

In addition to the ease in which tension fabrics slip over display systems, they usually also come with an easy way to fix the fabric to the frame. Most polyester tension fabrics have hook and loop straps sewn to the bottom to lock it over the display frames, or in some cases use zippers.

Tension Fabric3

Tension Fabric Uses
Custom printed polyester tension fabrics are usually used with rigid aluminum tube-like hardware.

The same fabric is also used on Quick Fabric Displays with a hook and loop strip construction on a display that comes pre-assembled. This fabric is also used for custom printed table throws which includes fitted table throws as well.

Tension Fabric Features and Benefits

Tension fabric displays is getting more popular and accessible, it is with a long list of benefits and reasons for you to use them:

  • Long lasting durable polyester material
  • Colors and graphics produce sharp, vivid print
  • Machine washable in cold water
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Slips over signage frames easily
  • Can be secured with hook and loop strips or zippers
  • Limitless messaging or branding possibilities

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