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The Popular Awning Fabric Sylvia 1

The Popular Awning fabric

Vinyl Awning fabric is widely used in RV Awning, Stationary Awning, Patio Awning, Retractable Awning, Pergola Awning, Parking Awning

The Popular Awning Fabric Sylvia 1

Vinyl Awning Fabric helps to protect against the rain

Vinyl awnings usually use 3-ply vinyl film laminated. All the 3 layer vinyl films are water-resistant. Together, it is able to protect certain areas from rainy, and snow. It has helped to keep dry off your home articles like furniture, tablewares, curtains, etc. It’s much useful in a summer storm season.

Block the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays

Vinyl awning fabric can convey significant shade that can take into consideration more unwinding and time spent outside without retaining destructive UV rays radiated from the sun. A primary reason for a canopy is to give shade and assurance from the sun. The middle layer of the awning fabric is a totally black film that is 100% blocked out. There is no light right to understand the fabric. It will avoid directly warming up of sunshine in a hot environment. It can maintain a relatively cool place for private space.

The Popular Awning Fabric Sylvia 2

Easy to Cleaner

Vinyl awning fabric has a good tensile strength when fixed at ends, which can hold the fallen leaves, twigs, and bird droppings. It helps to keep clean window, and porch area. Besides, the vinyl fabric is very easy to clean itself, not like the traditional fabric. With the option of a glossy surface, dust are not easy to attach.

Unisign Vinyl Awning fabric capable of many kinds of strip patterns and colors

It offers you plenty of choice in design making and meets the needs of the majority of clients. It not only improves the face of the home but also extended business options. They are gorgeously utilitarian at giving a concealed and covered region. An awning of Unisign vinyl will improve your home with an extended outside residing space to enjoy a party. They are moderately minimal expense, adaptable and simple to care for. Many organizations use them to add signage, and style to the outside region of the structure, which draws and attracts in clients to visit.

Unisign has 2 kinds of popular awning fabric:

The Popular Awning Fabric Sylvia 3

Solid 17oz Awning Vinyl fabric 

1000 * 1000 D 9*9 strong yarn base Fabric 100% block out, Surface with embossed pattern

Anti-UV 5 grade 

High color fastness

FR Retardant  701   

Color can be made according to RAL or Stripe design

It’s popular in Australia, the United States, etc.

Another is Fiberglass Awning Vinyl Premium fabric

Fiberglass Vinyl fabric is a newly developed material, utilizing progressed superior execution glass fiber substrate and the extraordinary process of PVC. It meets RoHS natural guidelines as well as flame-resistant M1 and B grades. In ordinary conditions, it can keep great ductility and recoverability. Magnificent insulation and wrinkle resistance features make it among the best sun-block materials.

100 percent light blackout gives total security and max thermal insulation for the targets, establishing the agreeable office and home climate


The Popular Awning Fabric Sylvia 4

Composition  100% fiberglass structure fabric + PVC coating

Base Fabric   310*310 30*18     

Weight (GSM)      440g/m² (± 5%)   

Thickness      0.3 ±0.02mm

Tensile Strength   1700/1500 N/5cm DIN53354

Tear Strength 100/90 N DIN53357

Adhesion Strength 80 N/5cm     DIN53357

FR Certification    DIN4102-B1 DIN4102-B1

Color      White, Beige, Light Grey, Light Pink 

MOQ      5000 SQM     Width     1.83M/2.44M/3.05M/3.20M

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