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What are 4 types of tent fabrics?

Tent Fabrics001

Premium Waterproof Tent Materials

No matter what time of year for long-time outdoor activities, it’s necessary to have a waterproof tent. Even if rain isn’t in the forecast, you have to worry about morning dew collecting on the outside. If your tent isn’t waterproof, that dew can seep inside, making things inside the tent get wet.

Today we are ready to introduce 4 types of waterproof tent fabrics:

Nylon Tent Fabric

Nylon Tent Fabric

Nylon is by a wide margin the most well-known material utilized in tents. It was initially evolved by DuPont during the 1930s and was utilized broadly for parachute creation during WWII. It is the norm for most open-air items, from tents to attire. This is generally because of its great solidarity toweight proportion, great scraped spot opposition, and moderately low cost.

It is a lightweight texture famous for hiking tents. While nylon can be vulnerable to tears from wind and garbage, hiking tents are little to the point of keeping up with strength. Nylon offers sufficient stretch to take into account pressure appropriation on the little tent board, making it doubtful to tear. Generally, nylon is a decent material for little tents however is anything but a solid decision for bigger business tents.

Polyester(PVC) Tent Fabric

Polyesterpvc Tent Fabric

Tents made totally from polyester are a well-known choice. Numerous producers lean toward the strength of this material for new tent deliveries, as polyester is somewhat tougher than nylon and is accessible in an assortment of coatings. However, you should do some exploration prior to picking a particular polyester tent. The covering utilized on a polyester tent might influence the cost of the tent. In a perfect world, you want a polyester tent with a covering that gives sufficient ventilation yet doesn’t let dampness through.

While looking at the attributes of a polyester tent with the qualities of a polycotton tent, you will see they are basically the same. Nonetheless, a polyester tent has the additional advantage that it won’t shrivel or get heavier while coming into direct contact with water. A polyester tent is less impacted by daylight, as well, making it ideal for setting up camp in the sweltering sun.

Cotton Canvas Tent Fabric

Cotton Canvas Tent Fabric

Present available since ever, cotton material is a texture that has been utilized for making tents since ever. This texture is enormously preferred for its thermo-protection properties. All in all, cotton material is incredible in keeping you cool when the weather conditions are blistering, and warm when the weather conditions is cold. Cotton is a characteristic material that is breathable while being a superior protector. This texture likewise has incredible sound protecting properties, notwithstanding, it has loads of drawbacks also. Regardless of how normal and breathable it is, cotton material tents require more upkeep. This material assimilates a great deal of water and spilling is a very normal thing. Along these lines, the strings in the material can expand somewhat which can also cause a few holes in the middle of the material. Sadly, over the long run, these holes will permit water to leak through them. To wrap things up, cotton tents are very weighty which goes with them not the ideal decision for an open-air exercise tent.

Non-PVC Tent Fabric

Non Pvc Tent Fabric
Non Pvc Tent Fabric

Occasions Industry takes many structures like celebrations, limited-time exercises shows, and accommodation. Tent texture is an exceptional material series, polyester woven texture with acrylic covering to cause it to have great water opposition. Woven base texture with very amazing pliable and tear strength. Joined with UV safe, dissolvable, and plastic or color sublimation inks.

Here want to add our popular tent fabric which is non-PVC and printable:

Premium Tent

Premium Tent
Premium Tent2

Fabric side: For direct / paper transfer sublimation

Coating side: UV / Latex print

Weight: 280g/sqm (8.2oz/sq.yd)

Features: woven, one side acrylic coated, waterproof

Max width:3.2m/126′

Standard Length:100m/110yards


Available FR:B1/NFPA 701/AS 1530

Application: Tent, Tradeshow, Outdoor AD & Promotion, Outddor events.

And for that four kinds of tent fabric, if you have any interests, feel free to contact us, we can provide customized items and services.

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