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What Is Global Recycling Standard Grs Recycled Polyester1


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When choosing reusable textiles for printing, it’s always important to consider the materials that are used to make them. This is the future of the digital printing media, especially in developed countries, such as Europe and USA.

Made from recycled plastic materials, such as polyester plastic bottles and bags, recycled polyester is designed to protect the environment, and reducing waste and pollution.

But what really is recycled polyester, and what are its main benefits and advantages?

Do you know how recycled polyester is made?

What Is Global Recycling Standard Grs Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester is made from all kinds of plastic waste materials, such as old plastic bottles, bags, industrial waste, discarded textiles, and everything like this.

To make recycled polyester, discarded plastics are collected, sorted, chopped, washed, and melted before being made into small polyester chips and granules.

These chips and granules are melted and spun to make filaments of recycled fibers. These fibers can later be used to make a range of textile products, such as clothing fabrics, advertising fabrics, and digital printing textiles.

What are the recycled polyester certification standards?

What Is Global Recycling Standard Grs Recycled Polyester1

Certified recycled polyester along with several important certification standards can prove its quality and its sustainability.

Under the Global Recycled Standard (abbreviation: GRS), recycled polyester is required to comply with chemical restrictions and best practices and application for social and environmental responsibility.

The Oeko Tex100 Standard means that the materials must be free from chemicals, substances and compositions that could do harm to human health or the natural environment.

What are the key benefits and advantages of GRS-certified recycled polyester?

There are many benefits and advantages to using recycled polyester to make clothing items and advertising textiles. Recycled polyester is durable and also affordable, making it a cost-effective option for customers.

Items that are made of recycled polyester materials are soft, anti-wrinkle, gentle, and light in weight, making them the ideal choices for all kinds of clothing, and advertising displays, especially items like light box fabric, backdrop fabric that are designed for elegant advertising display.

Recycled polyester has good resistance to fire, UV, and insects as well, it can help items last for long durability time without damage.

Besides, the greatest benefits and advantages of using recycled polyester are related with environmental sustainability, and fashion, but the virgin resources are unable to provide all of these.

How does recycled polyester work to help the environment?

For a long time, plastic waste continues to be the main problem for our environment, and unfortunately, plastic packages and used textiles are large contributors to plastic pollution. That is one of the key reasons why more and more customers are making the switch to textiles made of recycled polyester.

By relying on recycled plastic for manufacturing, recycled polyester plays a very important role in beginning to reduce the environmental impact of the advertising and printing industry, get rid of waste from the environment instead of adding it.

Manufacturing recycled polyester does not need the use of crude oil, refinery, or chemical extraction, which is required to produce other virgin polyester materials. As a result, producing recycled polyester items need much less oil, water, and energy.

This means that the production processes are able to obviously reduce waste and greenhouse gas which are very harmful to the environment.

What is the detailed usage for textiles made from recycled polyester yarns?

What Is Global Recycling Standard Grs Recycled Polyester2

The textiles made from recycled polyester are very suitable for exhibition displays and booths, showrooms, banners, retail displays, window displays, reception areas, roadshows, foyer areas, and museum areas. Actually, any indoor decoration can be used as a recycled polyester item. For Examples, the retail stores, trade shows, exhibitions, company offices, health, and medical facilities, art galleries, and museums maximize visual effects.

The textiles made from recycled polyester can be used for Direct Sublimation printing, Paper Transfer Sublimation printing, UV printing, and Latex Printing, some items can even be used for Solvent and Eco-solvent printing.

Most textiles made from recycled polyester do not need to be ironed, as their soft material is not prone to wrinkles.

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