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What Is The Flag Fabric2

 What is the flag fabric?

The flag fabric is the silk thread of chemical fiber, which is woven by different weaving methods, and then passes through different coating methods in the later stage, so that the material can be digitally printed to display the flag picture.

The popular point is that the flag cloth inkjet refers to the use of a digital flag photo machine to print a variety of colors, patterns, texts, and other content on the flag cloth, and then use it to make various flags, curtains, banners, and other products.

What Is The Flag Fabric

There are many types of flag fabric:

1. According to the weaving method, can be divided into warp knitting and woven.

2. According to the coating method, can be divided into dipping and scraping.

3. According to the use environment, can be divided into indoor and outdoor.

4. According to the commonly used fabrics, can be divided into satin, polyester, spring sub-textile, and warp knitted fabric.

Flag fabric features:

Thermal transfer, inkjet printing, silkscreen printing. Lightweight and easy to float.

What Is The Flag Fabric3

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