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white vinyl tarp Available Wordwide

White vinyl tarp is also called white PVC tarp, sometimes referred to white billboard vinyl. It is made of 100% waterproof polyester that has excellent tear strength and outstanding durability. With vinyl covering and UV resistance material on both sides, the billboard vinyl tarp is built specifically to survive severe outdoor environments.

Unisign is a leading vinyl tarp manufacturer & supplier with 15+ years of experience. White PVC Tarp 240gsm-1300gsm & Custom Made Tarpaulin Products Are All Available. The max width reach 5.0m. Standard Length 50m/55yds, 100m/110yards. And special Length and width can be made on request. 

White Vinyl Tarp Application Banner

PVC Banner Material - white billboard tarp

White Vinyl Tarp Application Truck Side Curtain

Tarp For Truck Side Curtain

White Vinyl Tarp Application Tent

PVC tent material

White Vinyl Tarp Application Membrane

Tarp For Membrane Structure

Generally speaking, our white vinyl trapaulin is better than the majority of other types of tarp material in the aspect of abrasive resistance and service life. Due to its good durability performance and long life property, the heavy-duty white vinyl tarp is an ideal choice for outdoor products such as billboards, truck side curtains, tents, and membrane structures.

white PVC tarpaulin - Hot sale size

We can provide customized size tarpaulin according to request.

Vinyl Tarp 9 Oz. Heavy Duty Black White Waterproof

vinyl tarp 9 oz. heavy duty black white waterproof

10' X 16' White Vinyl Tarp 13 Oz

10' x 16' white vinyl tarp 13 oz.

6x8 White Vinyl Tarp

6 x 8 white vinyl tarp

10ft. X 20ft. White 18 Oz. Vinyl Tarp

10 ft. x 20 ft. white 18 oz. vinyl tarp

8x12 18oz White Vinyl Tarp

8x12 18oz white vinyl tarp

10x20 White Vinyl Tarp

10x20 white vinyl tarp

10x12 White Vinyl Tarp

10 x 12 white vinyl tarp

8x8 White Pvc Tarp

8 x 8 white pvc tarp

10' X 12' White 18 Oz Vinyl Coated Poly Tarp

10' x 12' white 18 oz vinyl coated poly tarp

12′x50′ 15ml White White New Vinyl Tarp

12′ x 50′ 15ml white/white new vinyl tarp

12x12 White Vinyl Mesh Reflective Tarp

12 x 12 white vinyl mesh reflective tarp

20 Oz. New Vinyl Tarp White 25 Mil

20 oz. new vinyl tarp - white - 25 mil

18x40 White Vinyl Tarp

18x40 white vinyl tarp

18 Oz White Vinyl Tarp 7x7

18 oz white vinyl tarp "7x7"

18 Oz White Vinyl Tarp

18 oz white vinyl tarp

22 Oz. New Vinyl Tarp White 25 Mil

22 oz. new vinyl tarp - white - 25 mil

20'x40' White Blockout Vinyl Tarp

20'x40' white blockout vinyl tarp

20'x30' Mesh White Vinyl Tarp 10 Oz

20' x 30' mesh white vinyl tarp 10 oz

Billboard Tarps Vinyl Pond Liner 20 Oz. 22 Mil Heavy Duty White Tarp

billboard tarps vinyl pond liner 20 oz. 22 mil heavy duty white tarp

30x50 White Vinyl Tarp

30 x 50 white vinyl tarp

Waterproof Heavy Duty Uv Resistant Pvc Tarp 20x40 White Tarp

waterproof heavy duty uv resistant pvc tarp 20 x 40 white tarp

Vinyl Tarp 22 Oz. 25 Mil Heavy Duty White

vinyl tarp 22 oz. 25 mil heavy duty white

5x7 White Vinyl Tarp

5 x 7 white vinyl tarp

Vinyl Tarp 13 Oz. Heavy Duty Black And White Pond Liner Waterproof (12x16)

vinyl tarp 13 oz. heavy duty black / white pond liner waterproof (12x16)

White 8x12 Vinyl Tarp

white 8x12 vinyl tarp

Features of white PVC tarp

white vinyl tarp Applications

We provide high quality PVC tarpaulin materials for various applications. And we also deal with customized tarpaulin.

White Pvc Tarp

White PVC Tarp

White Vinyl Tarp

White Vinyl Tarp

White Billboard Vinyl

White Billboard Vinyl

Smooth Vinyl Tarp White

Smooth Vinyl Tarp White for tent

Matte White Vinyl Tarp

Matte White Vinyl Tarp for tent

Pvc Plastic Tarp White

PVC Plastic Tarp White

White Marine Vinyl Tarp

White Marine Vinyl Tarp

White Vinyl Boat Tarp

White Vinyl Boat Tarp

White Pvc Tarpaulin For Wedding Canopy

White PVC Tarpaulin For Wedding Canopy

White Vinyl Sheet Tarp

White Vinyl Sheet Tarp

White Billboard Tarp

White Billboard Tarp for greenhouse

Heavy Duty White Vinyl Tarp

Heavy Duty White Vinyl Tarp for car shed

White Vinyl Tarp~1

White Vinyl Tarp for tent

Black And White Vinyl Tarp

Black And White Vinyl Tarp

White Vinyl Tarp For Ponds 1

White Vinyl Tarp For Ponds

Vinyl Tarp In Blue And White Stripe

Vinyl Tarp In Blue And White Stripe

Recommended Products Specifications

If you have any questions, We sincerely welcome you to contact us through Whatsapp or Email.

ItemsWeightBase FabricMax WidthStandard Length
UKCT112323/850850g/sq.m(25oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 23*23/sq.in3.45m/126'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1122/750B750g/sq.m(22oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1133/900P900g/sq.m(26oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 30*30/sq.in3.2m/126"50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UKCT3032/12501250g/sq.m(37oz/sq.yd)1500D*1500D, 30*32/sq.in3.45m/136'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UKCT3034/10501050g/sq.m(31oz/sq.yd)1300D*1300D, 30*34/sq.in3.45m/136'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
ULT1199/550550g/Sq.M(16oz/Sq.Yd)1000D*1000D, 9*9/Sq.In3.2m/10.5’/126’′50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
ULT1817/550550g/sq.m(16oz/sq.yd)500D*500D, 18*17/sq.in5.1m/200"50m/55yds; 100m/110yards

white billboard vinyl - PVC Banner

ItemsDescriptionBase FabricWeight (gsm)LengthWidth
LFG35/340Laminated frontlit banner,glossy300*500D, 18*12/sq.in340(10oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
LFG35G/440Laminated frontlit banner,glossy,grey back300*500D, 18*12/sq.in440(13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m
LFSM35/440Laminated frontlit banner,semi-matte300*500D, 18*12/sq.in440(13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m
LFM35/440Laminated frontlit banner,matte300*500D, 18*12/sq.in440(13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m
LFG55G/280Laminated frontlit banner,glossy,grey back500*500D, 9*9sq/in280 (8oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
LFG55/440Laminated frontlit banner,glossy500*500D, 9*9sq/in440 (13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
LFM55/440Laminated frontlit banner,matte500*500D, 9*9sq/in440 (13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
LFM1166B/340Laminated frontlit banner,matte,black back1000*1000D, 6*6sq/in340 (10oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
LFM11/440Laminated frontlit banner,matte1000*1000D, 9*9sq/in440 (13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
LFM11B/510Laminated frontlit banner,matte,black back1000*1000D, 9*9/sq.in510(15oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
LFM1818/380Laminated frontlit banner,matte500*500D, 18*18/sq.in380(11oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
CFM1818B/440Coated frontlit banner,matte,black back1000*1000D, 18*18/sq.in440(13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
CFM1616/440Coated frontlit banner,matte1000*1000D, 16*16/sq.in440(13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
CFG11/440Coated frontlit banner,glossy1000*1000D, 18*18/sq.in440(13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
CFM11/440Coated frontlit banner,matte1000*1000D, 18*18/sq.in440(13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
CFM11/510Coated frontlit banner,matte1000*1000D,18*18/sq.in510(15oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
LBG35/440Laminated backlit banner300*500D, 18*12/sq.in440 (13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m
LBG55/440Laminated backlit banner500*500D 18*12/sq.in440 (13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
LBG55/610Laminated backlit banner500*500D 18*12/sq.in610 (18oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
LBG551814/610Laminated backlit banner500*500D 18*14/sq.in610 (18oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
LBG51/610Laminated backlit banner500*1000D 18*12/sq.in610 (18oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
CBM2525/440Coated backlit banner250*250D 36*36/sq.in440 (13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
CBM11/510Coated backlit banner1000*1000D 18*18/sq.in510 (15oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
CBG11/610Coated backlit banner1000*1000D 18*18/sq.in610 (18oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
LDM11B1/510One side printable blockout Laminated banner1000*1000D, 9*9/sq.in Knitted fabric510 (15oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
CDM2525/440Double side printable blockout Coated banner250*250, 36*36/sq.in, Weave fabric440 (13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
CDM2525/510Double side printable blockout Coated banner250*250, 36*36/sq.in, Weave fabric510 (15oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
CDM55/610Double side printable blockout Coated banner500*500D 28*28/sqm, Weave fabric610 (18oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
CDM11/800Double side printable blockout Coated banner1000*1000D 20*20/sqm, Weave fabric800 (23.5oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
M99PCoated mesh banner, with liner1000*100D,9*9/sq.in Without liner optional340 (10oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
M1212NPCoated mesh banner, with liner1000*1000D, 12*12/sq.in Without liner optional360 (10.5oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
M1812PCoated mesh banner, with liner1000*1000D, 18*12/sq.in Without liner optional340 (10oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
M189PCoated mesh banner, with liner1000*500D, 18*9/sq.in Without liner optional300 (8.8oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
M1212DCoated mesh banner1000*500D, 10*11/sq.in Double sides printable400 (11.76oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
M1212BCoated mesh banner, without liner1000*1000D, 12*12/sq.in Black back240 (7oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m

PVC tarpaulin factory - wholesale white PVC tarp

Shanghai Unisign Industrial Material Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of PVC Tarpaulin. Now we have 2 factories manufacturing bases as our support. Equipped with 3 calender lines & 5 laminating and coating lines, we produce more than 120 million square meters annually.

With 15+ years of experience, UNISIGN PVC tarpaulin has been sold to 90+ countries and areas of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia,  Russia, Egypt, Tunisia, etc., and more foreign markets will be promoted in future…

Equipped with 20 m auto-cutting machine, 40 m auto high frequency welding machine & some other stitching machines, hot air welding machines etc, we can accept OEM & ODM.

Why Choose Unisign

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15+ years Experiences

1200000000+ square meters annual capacity. Sell to 90+ different countries.

Good Quality Control1

Strict QC

Responsible and serious qc team participates in all processes from raw material quality checking to produce inspecting to container loading.

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professional team

Professional sales team, production team, and support team. We can know and deliver what exactly you need.

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Hot Sale heavy duty white vinyl tarp

18 oz. white vinyl tarp

The 18 oz. white vinyl tarp is a longlasting fabric with excellent weather resistance and strong flexibility. It is one of the major PVC fabric used in heavy-duty covers throughout severe weather. Since the color white can reflect UV radiation, our 18 oz. white vinyl tarps would be the perfect option for agricultural and industrial products.  Apart from that, they are also widely used in residential covering items. Despite being a bright color, white is unnoticeable for the applications of household facilities.

22 oz. White heavy-duty vinyl tarp

The 22 oz. white heavy-duty vinyl tarp is a tensile and durable material. These tarps are 100% waterproof thanks to our heat-sealed seams, which are bonded by utilizing our cutting-edge technology. It is widely used in applications where toughness and longevity are requirements. Our 22 oz. heavy duty white vinyl tarp is designed to be waterproof, decay-proof, mildew-resistant, acid-resistant, grease-resistant, and tear-resistant to withstand prolonged use. If you are looking for vinyl tarps that are durable and strong, please check out our white heavy-duty vinyl tarps for more information.

Applications of white vinyl tarp