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UNISIGN is the professional 680gsm PVC tarpaulin manufacturer and supplier based in China. We provide high quality wholesale 680gsm PVC tarpaulin at competitive prices for worldwide customers. Our 680gsm tarpaulin is shipped directly from the factory at wholesale price. 680gsm PVC tarpaulin is widely used for swimming pools, water recreation and first-aid facilities, reservoirs, roof cover, trailer cover and truck cover, garden cover, boat cover, caravan cover, jet ski cover, waterproofing and drainage systems, swimming pool fence, and all other heavy duty applications.

680 gsm reinforced PVC material, High Quality Tear Stop(Rip Stop) PVC Tarpaulin. Our tarps are manufactured to withstand toughest weather conditions.

680gsm PVC tarpaulin Applications

1. Waterproof Covers for swimming pools,  roof cover,  trailer cover,  truck cover, garden cover,  boat cover, caravan cover, etc;

2. waterproofing and drainage systems, swimming pool fence, and all other heavy duty applications.

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As well as 680 gsm PVC tarpaulin rolls, we can also produce custom size tarpaulins to suit your specific requirement. Contact us for an obligation FREE quote. We can produce our tarps to any size required!

Certificates of Unisign PVC Tarpaulin

As one of the leading PVC tarpaulin brands, we can proudly say that with UNISIGN, you can get the best quality 680gsm PVC tarpaulin at the most reasonable price. 

Features of 680gsm PVC tarpaulin Fabric

china 680gsm PVC tarpaulin factory

Shanghai Unisign Industrial Material Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of PVC Tarpaulin. Now we have 2 factories manufacturing bases as our support. Equipped with 3 calender lines & 5 laminating and coating lines, we produce more than 120 million square meters annually.

With 15+ years of experience, UNISIGN PVC tarpaulin has been sold to 90+ countries and areas of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia,  Russia, Egypt, Tunisia, etc., and more foreign markets will be promoted in future…

Equipped with 20 m auto-cutting machine, 40 m auto high frequency welding machine & some other stitching machines, hot air welding machines etc, we can accept OEM & ODM.

We can proudly say that with Unisign, you can get the best quality wholesale 680gsm PVC tarpaulin at the most reasonable price.

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About 680gsm PVC tarpaulin

Unisign 680gsm PVC tarpaulin is a kind of strong, flexible, waterproof material, made of 100% polyester. It consists of two sheets of polyvinyl films and a piece of scrim in between. The scrim can be made of cotton, nylon, polyester, or a mix. Hot/cold laminated processes are available.

Our PVC tarps perform outstanding tearing strength and temperature resistance from -35°c to 70°c.