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Swimming Pool PVC Tarpaulin

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Unisign cares about your life from your pool. Outdoor Top Pool Cover, Pool PVC Tarpaulin, Popular in Europe and US.

Product Specification: 300D*500D/18*9, 1000D*1000D/9*9, 1000D*1000D/18*18, 1000*1000D/20*20, 1000*1000D/22*22, 1000*1000D/23*23, etc.

Weight (GSM): 310G, 410G, 610G, 680G, 750G, 800G, 1000G, etc.

Application: Used in swimming pools, pool covers, pool liners, water recreation, first-aid facilities, reservoirs, roofing, waterproofing and drainage systems, swimming pool fences, etc.

Features: High strength, good stability, low shrinkage, wear resistance, FR retardant, antiseptic, well air-tightness, and long service life.

Looking for Pool Tarpaulin? UNISIGN is a professional pool tarpaulin manufacturer in China. Our pool tarpaulins are available worldwide.  If you have any questions, We sincerely welcome you to contact us.


The Most Representative Product Specifications For Pool Tarpaulin Material

UNISIGN provides pool tarpaulin for worldwide customers.

about PVC tarpaulin for pool

About Our Pool Tarpaulin Products

PVC tarpaulin pool application is a cheaper way to maintain your pool. It consists of 100% polyester.

Unisign waterproof PVC tarpaulin cares about your life from your pool. Outdoor Top Pool Cover, Popular in Europe and US. It performs well in waterproof, fire retardant, anti UV, heavy metal-free, anti-mildew, flexible, heavy-duty, tensile, self-clean, etc. If there is any need or interest, please feel free to contact our professional team. Looking forward to collaborating with you!

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