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Medical Tarp

Additional information

UNISIGN is a professional Medical Tarp Manufacturer & Supplier in China. Our Medical Mattress Material is available worldwide.

Application: Medical mattress, privacy curtains, sports cushion, etc.

Popular gram weight: 8.5OZ, 10OZ, 10.5OZ, 12OZ, 15OZ, etc.

Product Characteristic
1.  Flame resistant, antimicrobial, antistatic, stain, odor, and fluid resistant
2.  Non-allergenic, free of toxic reactions/irritations to skin
3.  Free of heavy metals and heavy metal compounds
4.  Used to make protective covering in healthcare facilities, as medical mattes

Surface Treatment: Anti-slip Diamond pattern, fog or leather grain processing

Feature: Anti-bacterial, flame retardant, antistatic, waterproof, easy clean, long life, etc.

We provide high quality Wholesale Vinyl Mattress Fabric at competitive prices for worldwide customers. Our Medical Mattress vinyl is shipped directly from the factory at wholesale price.


Products for Medical Tarp

UNISIGN provides medical PVC fabric for worldwide customers, and we also deal with finished products.

Technical Data Sheet
TypeUCT35M/340(10oz)Test Method
Base fabric Yarn300*500D/
Base fabric density18*12 /sq.in (7*4.6/sq.cm)/
Base fabric weight70±5/
Type of LaminatingPVC Film/
Total Weight340±15/
Tensile Strength(L)1300N/5cmDIN53352
Tensile Strength(W)1400N/5cmDIN53352
Tearing Strength(L)250N/5cmDIN53363
Tearing Strength(W)350N/5cmDIN53363
Peeling Strength(L)50N/5cm/
Peeling Strength(W)50N/5cm/
About Our Medical Tarp Products

Medical vinyl tarp also called medical mattress PVC fabric, vinyl antimicrobial fabric, or vinyl mattress fabric. The medical mattress fabric is a kind of durable PVC fabric for medical applications. It is made of antimicrobial vinyl. They are the ideal fabrics for mattresses used in hospitals, nursing homes, correctional institutions, school dormitories, and other institutional applications. 

Unisign expanded its application to medical care products, such as PVC medical fabric in hospitals. UNISIGN anti-bacterial laminated mattress ticking fabrics are fluid-proof, flame resistant, anti-fungal, and mildew resistant.

UNISIGN ticking antimicrobial vinyl fabric are also used extensively for the bottoms of higher-end mattresses, hospital pads, and wheelchair cushions. Our standard color is light green. Custom colors are available on request with a minimum order.

If there is any need or interest, please feel free to contact our professional team. Looking forward to collaborating with you!

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