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PVC tarpaulin material

What is PVC tarpaulin?

The PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Tarpaulin also called PVC tarp, or vinyl tarps. It is a kind of strong, flexible, waterproof plastic material. PVC tarpaulin is made of PVC films and polyester basic fabrics. There are 3 types of PVC tarpaulin structures: 2-layer structure, 3-layer structure, and 4-layer structure. The 2-layer structure refers to a layer of PVC film and a layer of the base fabric. The base fabric layer can be made of polyester, cotton, nylon, fiberglass, or a mix. The 3-layer structure refers to 2 layers of PVC films and base fabric in between. The 4-layer structure is a black layer added to the three-layer structure, between two layers of PVC films.

EconomicalAnti Flame Is Available2-layer
  • 1. polyvinyl chloride film
  • 2. Base fabric
bags, gym mats
popAnti Flame Is Available3-layer
  • 1. polyvinyl chloride film
  • 2. Base fabric
  • 3. polyvinyl chloride film
banners, tarps, covers
PremiumAnti Flame Is Available4-layer
  • 1. polyvinyl chloride film
  • 2. Black layer
  • 3. Base fabric
  • 4. PVC film
banners, tent(blockout light)

Features of 3 structure types

The different types of structures determine the different features and scenarios of application of the products, as described in the following information.

The 2-layer PVC tarpaulin is a cost-effective product with a simple production process, fewer consumables, and shorter time. The 3-layer PVC tarpaulin is one of the most widely used types. The black layer added to the 4-layer structure has the characteristic of blocking out light.

PVC tarpaulin material is widely used for indoor & outdoor events, construction, heavy industries, equipment manufacturing, and logistics, etc.

How is PVC tarpaulin measured?

The base fabric is measured by the weight and the weave of the threads. The weight of threads is measured by denier. A 20*20 scrim has 20 threads per inch by 20 threads per inch. The two numbers indicate the number of threads in the machine direction and the number of threads in the cross direction.

The thickness of the vinyl is measured in mils. A mil equals 1/1000 of an inch. A larger number indicates thicker tarpaulin. And the weight of the tarpaulin is measured in ounces per square yard. For example, one square yard of an 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarps the material weighs 18 ounces.

Pvc Tarpaulin Measur (2)
Pvc Tarpaulin Measur (1)
Pvc Tarpaulin Measur (4)
Pvc Tarpaulin Measur (3)

The manufacturing processes

The production techniques for tarpaulins are diverse and have their own characteristics. Depending on the different processing, PVC tarpaulin is divided into two main categories: PVC laminated tarpaulin, PVC knife coated tarpaulin, and PVC coated tarpaulin. Laminated tarpaulins are made by a calendering machine and then a lamination machine. A cold lamination machine and hot lamination machine are available. Coated tarpaulins are made by coating machines only.



The calendering machine is used to stir the PVC raw material into the paste and roll them into PVC films of different thicknesses. When the surface is embossed, this procedure is completed.

Cold lamination

Cold Lamination

A cold lamination machine is used to laminate PVC films onto the polyester base fabric. It is the first generation machine for this industry. Now, it is still widely used. Compared with a hot lamination machine, it is a relatively simple procedure. It takes less time at a lower cost. The product quality is limited, tarpaulin made through a cold lamination machine is more suitable for short-time projects like flex banners.

Hot lamination

Hot Lamination

A hot lamination machine laminates PVC films onto the polyester base fabric. It is an upgraded and twice longer procedure of cold lamination. It has a more complex embossing roller and surface treatment system. The tarpaulin made through a hot lamination machine can reach higher quality. They are more suitable for tents, covers, inflatable use, and so on.

Knife coating

Knife Coating

Different from laminating procedure, it doesn’t need to use the calendering machine to supply PVC films. It coats PVC resin onto the base fabric directly. Tarpaulin made through knife coating machines owns the highest quality among the three producing methods. And the lifespan of waterproof knife coated PVC tarpaulin can be increased to 10 years. The knife coating tarpaulin can be used for bags and protective coverings.

Surface patterns and colors

During the production process, we can use different technology and different embossing rollers. The surfaces of tarpaulins are embossed. Different embossing roller makes different surfaces. Surfaces of glossy, matte, and other embossed patterns are available. The color of tarpaulin can be customized according to needs.

Features of PVC tarpaulin roll

Pvc Tarpaulin Features

Popular applications of PVC tarpaulin

Popular sizes and spes of PVC tarpaulin

Specifications of PVC coated tarpaulin

ItemsWeightBase FabricMax WidthStandard Length
UCT1122/610610g/sq.m(18oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1122/650650g/sq.m(19oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1122/750B750g/sq.m(22oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1122/680680g/sq.m(20oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 18*16/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT2323/850850g/sq.m(25oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 23*23/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UCT1133/900P900g/sq.m(26oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 30*30/sq.in3.2m/126"50m/55yds; 100m/110yards

Specifications of PVC Knife Coated Tarpaulin

ItemsWeightBase FabricMax WidthStandard Length
UKCT1122/610610g/sq.m(18oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in3.45m/126'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UKCT1122/650650g/sq.m(19oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in3.45m/126'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UKCT2220/610610g/sq.m(18oz/sq.yd)1000D*1300D, 22*20/sq.in3.45m/136'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UKCT3032/12501250g/sq.m(37oz/sq.yd)1500D*1500D, 30*32/sq.in3.45m/136'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UKCT112323/850850g/sq.m(25oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 23*23/sq.in3.45m/126'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UKCT3034/10501050g/sq.m(31oz/sq.yd)1300D*1300D, 30*34/sq.in3.45m/136'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards

Specifications of PVC Laminated Tarpaulin

ItemsWeightBase FabricMax WidthStandard Length
ULT1199/580580g/sq.m(17oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 9*9/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
ULT1199/610610g/sq.m(18oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 9*9/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
ULT1818/650650g/sq.m(19oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 18*18/sq.in5.1m/200"50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
ULT1212/750750g/sq.m(22oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 12*12/sq.in5.1m/200'50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
ULT35/340340g/sq.m(10oz/sq.yd)300D*500D, 18*12/sq.in3.2m/126"50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
ULT35/450C450g/sq.m(13.25oz/sq.yd)300D*500D, 18*12/sq.in3.2m/126"50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
ULT1817/550550g/sq.m(16oz/sq.yd)500D*500D, 18*17/sq.in5.1m/200"50m/55yds; 100m/110yards

How long does PVC tarpaulin material last?

The exact lifespan of PVC tarpaulin varies depending on the environment and type of product used, and it is difficult to give an exact answer. For everyday applications, generally speaking, the usable time is 5 years, a knife-coated tarpaulin could last 10 years long.

Types of PVC tarpaulin

PVC tarpaulin fabric can be used in a variety of scenarios. You can choose from the following types according to your needs.

How long does PVC tarpaulin material last?

We need to consider many factors comprehensively to choose the right waterproof PVC tarpaulin. The type of product that is best suited to the site where the tarpaulin is to be used. Depending on the duration of the project, we can choose the material that is suitable for long-term or short-term use. Choose the right color according to the design aesthetics. You can also choose from a variety of weights, sizes, and thicknesses to meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us by email or inquiry if you have any needs.

The exact lifespan of PVC tarpaulin varies depending on the environment and type of product used, and it is difficult to give an exact answer. For everyday applications, generally speaking, the usable time is 5 years, a knife-coated tarpaulin could last 10 years long.

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