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Super Clear PVC Film

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Unisign Super Clear PVC Tarpaulin is made of 100% PVC which features excellent light transmittance. It can avoid wind and rain in an outdoor environment while keeping warm and bright. You can easily find usage of it in outdoor camping tents or fowl houses or indoor curtains of the bathroom.

Application: PVC table cloth, transparent door, window curtain, clear tent, stationary bags, furniture accessories etc

Specification: thickness from 0.1mm to 3mm, width up to 2m

Features: Waterproof, easy cleaning, anti-oil, anti-mildew, abrasion resistance, soft, long durability, eco-friendly.

UNISIGN is a professional PVC transparent manufacturer in China. Our PVC Transparent Tarpaulin is available worldwide.

Professional production team, sales team, and support team. We can know and deliver what exactly you need.


Products for this application

UNISIGN provides PVC transparent materials for worldwide customers.



About Our PVC Transparent Products

Transparent PVC tarpaulin is a kind of amorphous polymer. Clear PVC is normally used for medical applications, laboratory use, chemical processing, cosmetics packing, etc.

Unisign clear vinyl tarps have a wide usage together with other style tarps or individual usage. It have functions as anti-static, high tensile, tearing strength, UV-resistant, heat resistant, etc. If there is any need or interest, please feel free to contact our professional team. Looking forward to collaborating with you!

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