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How to Choose the Best Flag Fabric

Flags are a common decoration in our daily use. There are numerous options to choose from, ranging from cotton flag fabric, silk flag fabric, nylon flag fabric, to polyester flag fabric. And flags made from different materials have different purposes and lifespans.

Therefore, choosing the right material to make your special flags is crucial. You need to consider the applications of a flag, whether it’s for decoration usage or business purpose.

In this article, we’ll go over the three commonest flag materials to help you choose the best flag fabric for your unique requirements.

Finnish Flag
Finnish Flag

Indoor Flag Fabric

For a flag used indoors, you can make a flag from any material because it’s not meant to be affected by the wind, sun, or other environmental factors. And cotton is the commonest material for indoor flags.


Cotton is a natural and traditional flag fabric. It’s an ideal option for indoor applications. However, cotton is not suitable for outdoor flag fabric because it’s not very resilient, and long-lasting. Moreover, the cotton flag material is easy to wrinkle and crumple. If you are looking for flags that last for a long time, cotton is not the right choice.

Us Cotton Flag
US Cotton Flag

Outdoor flag fabric

Unlike indoor flags, outdoor flags are meant to be flown outside. So outdoor flag fabric is designed to resist various weather conditions, including heavy wind, torrential rain, low temperature, scorching sunlight, etc.


Since polyester is extremely durable, long-lasting, and heavyweight, it is a very popular option for making outdoor flags. High-tenacity polyester flag fabric works well with flagpoles since it can withstand strong winds and inclement weather. Due to its excellent durability and superior flexibility, polyester flag material is an ideal choice for all kinds of outdoor applications. Moreover, polyester also has the same look and feel as cotton.

UNISIGN® flag fabric is a perfect material for your daily flying in outdoor conditions.


Nylon is also a common choice for making flags. It’s cheap, durable, and easy to manufacture. Since nylon fabric is lightweight, it performs well in light to moderate winds. Strong winds will put the flag in danger of being harmed. Nylon is therefore less resistant to high winds than polyester.

Us Nylon Flag
US Nylon Flag

Other Factors to Consider for Outdoor Flag Fabric

It is crucial to think about if your flag fabric needs to be fire-resistant. It depends on the location or uses for which you have selected your flag. A material that is generally safer with fire-resistant characteristics.

Moreover, you should also think about selecting materials that are anti-static, anti-crease, anti-wrinkle, and anti-fray. Consider what weather your outdoor flag will be exposed to most in order to choose a material that won’t fray or rip in a strong breeze or high winds.

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