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Striped Tarpaulin

Additional information

Unisign featured laminated striped tarpaulins offer many choices for awnings, covers, or tents.

Product Specification: 300D*500D/18*12, 500*500D/18*9, 500*500D/18*17, etc.

Weight (GSM): 380G, 410G, 440G, 550G, etc.

Product Features: Bright color, lightweight, block out sunshade, waterproof, aging resistance, and long-lasting color fastness. Dozens of surface patterns for customers to choose from, like matte, polish, taffeta, etc. OEM is available. FR retardant, self-clean optional, embossed effect.

UNISIGN is a professional striped tarpaulins manufacturer in China. Our striped tarpaulins are available worldwide.

Professional production team, sales team, and support team. We can know and deliver what exactly you need.


Products for this application

UNISIGN provides striped tarpaulin for worldwide customers.

About Our Striped Tarpaulin Products

PVC striped tarpaulin is three-layer laminated, two layers of PVC films with a polyester base fabric in between. It is widely used in luggage bags, tents, covers, awnings, bags, curtains, umbrellas, etc.

Unisign featured laminated striped tarpaulins offer many choices for Truck Trailer Camper tents awning, RV side tents awning, truck/trailer side curtain, boat cover/container/pallet cover, awnings, bags, etc. If there is any need or interest, please feel free to contact our professional team. Looking forward to collaborating with you!