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Everything You Need To Know About PVC Tarpaulin Fabric

Pvc Tarpaulin Fabric2

PVC Coated tarpaulin fabric is made of high-strength 100% polyester scrim fabric and reinforced with two layers of PVC coating, with a smooth surface. It is a durable material, easy to clean, and available in multiple colors. PVC tarpaulin is also a waterproof material, so ideal for outdoor long-term use. With Acrylic Lacquer treatment, the […]

 What is the flag fabric?

What Is The Flag Fabric2

The flag fabric is the silk thread of chemical fiber, which is woven by different weaving methods, and then passes through different coating methods in the later stage, so that the material can be digitally printed to display the flag picture. The popular point is that the flag cloth inkjet refers to the use of […]


What Is Global Recycling Standard Grs Recycled Polyester1

When choosing reusable textiles for printing, it’s always important to consider the materials that are used to make them. This is the future of the digital printing media, especially in developed countries, such as Europe and USA. Made from recycled plastic materials, such as polyester plastic bottles and bags, recycled polyester is designed to protect the […]

Popular vinyl fabric for premium block out banner

Popular Vinyl Fabric For Premium Block Out Banner1

Applications: Tradeshow Display POP Retail Graphics Outside Signage Unisign black-out vinyl fabric is a high tensile strength media with a block-out layer to prevent light through. The polyester scrim base is implanted between two printable vinyl layers to enhance strength, making this an excellent media for large-scale events signage in art galleries, historical centers, stores, […]

Display and display media

Popular Medias For Display Stand 9

Popular Medias for Display Stand Display stands are common in today’s marketing world. They are useful in trade shows, retail shops, shopping center and many other areas for various purposes. Displays are meant to present information clearly for potential customers. How to choose the right printing Media for the display stand? Today we will introduce […]

Backlit fabric for light box

Backlit Fabric For Light Box (1)

If you are a shop owner, how can you attract the attention of customers? The useful way is to buy a large light box, when the light is on, the huge and delicate picture will definitely standing out enough to be noticed of clients at your retail outlet. WHAT ARE LIGHT BOXES? Backlit light boxes […]

What are 4 types of tent fabrics?

Tent Fabrics001

Premium Waterproof Tent Materials No matter what time of year for long-time outdoor activities, it’s necessary to have a waterproof tent. Even if rain isn’t in the forecast, you have to worry about morning dew collecting on the outside. If your tent isn’t waterproof, that dew can seep inside, making things inside the tent get […]

The Popular Awning fabric

The Popular Awning Fabric Sylvia 1

Vinyl Awning fabric is widely used in RV Awning, Stationary Awning, Patio Awning, Retractable Awning, Pergola Awning, Parking Awning Vinyl Awning Fabric helps to protect against the rain Vinyl awnings usually use 3-ply vinyl film laminated. All the 3 layer vinyl films are water-resistant. Together, it is able to protect certain areas from rainy, and […]

What is tension fabric made of?

Tension Fabric1

Tension fabric generally refers to the gray cloth with elasticity. Tension fabric is organized by rib stitch to make fabric with greater elasticity. Gray cloth refers to the relevant fibers made by textile processing, without dyeing and finishing processing.  Tension fabrics and its application tension fabric displays have quickly become one the most utilized and popular signage […]

What is a tension fabric display

Tension Fabric Display (1)

Tension fabric is 100% polyester fabric with dye sublimation printing, it stretched over a rigid frame, printed with artwork. It becomes a rapidly growing trend for portable trade show displays and special event exhibits. The fabric display booths deliver the versatility your brand seeks. The Display Tension fabric is very durable and made from different materials. […]