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Hot And Cold Laminated Backlit- Factory Wholesale

What is laminated backlit?

Laminated backlit is fabricated from 100% polyester and laminated with high-tenacity PVC resin. Unlike laminated frontlit, laminated backlit enables light to enter from the back of your material, highlighting your banners with vibrant accuracy and aesthetic details. With high transmittance of 25%-30%, it is suitable for commercial events.

Based on different lamination processes, laminated backlit consists of two types: Hot Laminated Backlit, and Cold Laminated Backlit.

Banner Material Rolls
Laminated Backlit Roll

What is hot laminated backlit?

Hot laminated backlit is manufactured by using hot lamination technology, which offers smooth and beautiful surfaces for more consistent and vibrant printing performance. It is a fantastic option for advertising displays during nighttime, allowing it to attract the attention of passers-by to get more potential customers.

Available in different weights and sizes, hot laminated backlit is widely used for outdoor and indoor occasions.

Lightbox Fabric
Hot Laminated Backlit

What is cold laminated backlit?

On the contrary, cold laminated backlit is fabricated from a regular lamination process at a lower temperature. It is endowed with superior durability, excellent flexibility, and waterproof resistance, which can resist the impacts of severe weather conditions such as low temperature, snow and rain, hail, UV radiation, etc.

Cold frontlit backlit is widely used for scrolling light boxes, advertising light boxes, outdoor billboards, outdoor displays, etc.

Backlit Banner
Cold Laminated Backlit

Applications of hot laminated backlit and cold lamainated backlit

  • Large-format banners for advertising and publicity
  • Road signs, street signs, building signs, etc
  • Outdoor billboards, city lightboxes, event banners, outdoor displays
  • Backlit bus shelters and instore displays
Backlit Fabric For Light Box (2)
Indoor Lightbox
Backlit banner material
City Lightbox

Recommended specifications of laminated backlit

Pvc Banner Product Available Solvents

300*500D 18*12/sq.in
440gsm (13oz)
width: 1~3.2m

Pvc Banner Product Available Solvents

500*500D 18*12/sq.in
610gsm (18oz)
width: 1~3.2m, 5m

Pvc Banner Product Available Solvents

500x1000D 18*12/sq.in
610gsm (18oz)
width: 1~3.2m, 5m

Pvc Banner Product Available Solvents

500*500D, 18*14/sq.in
610gsm (18oz)
width: 1~3.2m, 5m

What's the difference between hot lamainated backlit and cold lamainated backlit?

Generally, hot laminated backlit has greater smoothness and better printing effects. While cold laminated backlit is more economical and tear-resistant.

Pvc Banner Roll
Laminated Backlit Roll

Features of hot lamainated backlit and cold lamainated backlit

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Self-cleaning
  • Flame retardant
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Up to 5.1 m wide
  • Long service life
  • High graphic quality
  • Excellent ink absorption and compatibility
  • Tensile strength and excellent durability
  • Translucent substrate for large-format digital printing
  • Excellent capability for all kinds of digital printing machine
  • Compatible with Solvent ink, Eco solvent ink, mild solvent ink, latex ink, and UV ink
  • Weather resistant: resistant to UV radiation, rain and snow, typhoon, moisture, chemical elements, etc.

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