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American Flag Banner - Factory Wholesale

US Flag Banner- Factory Wholesale Available Worldwide

American flag banners are also called American banner flags, or USA banner flags. UNISIGN is a leading flag fabric manufacturer & supplier. UNISIGN® US flag banners are compatible with a variety of inks including solvent, eco-solvent, latex, and UV.

UNISIGN® supplies 4 types of fabric flags, including popular flag fabric, strong flag, mesh flag, and satin banner. 

Certificates of USA Banner Flags

As one of the leading flag fabric brands, we can proudly say that with UNISIGN, you can get the best quality fabric flags at the most reasonable price. If you are looking for flag fabric companies, UNISIGN deserves your attention.

What is American Flag Fabric?

American flag fabric is also called flag material fabric, which is made of 100% polyester. It is available in two options: warp knitted, and woven. Because flag fabric is meant to be exposed to outdoor environments, it is extremely durable to resist harsh weather conditions such as frigid temperatures, rain and snow, strong wind, scorching heat, etc.

Product Advantages

Lighter And Lower Costing Than The Normal Flag Fabrics.

Lighter and more economical than the normal flag fabrics.

Removable Gives The Option To Remove, Replace Or Update In The Future

Very soft, recyclable and friendly to the environment.

Very Light And Suitable For Kinds Of Flags.

Very light and suitable for kinds of flags.

The Colors Turn Out Exceptionally Vibrant On These Fabrics For An Eye Popping Flag.

Color boosting.

Specifications of US Flag Banners

Items Type Specification Max Width
DSP02 Popular Flag Fabric 100m/110yards,110g/sq.m(3.2oz/sq.yd) 3.2m/126'
DSP02TB Strong Flag 100m/110yards,110g/sq.m(3.2oz/sq.yd) 3.2m/126'
DSP04 Mesh Flag 100m/110yards,120g/sq.m(3.5oz/sq.yd) 3.2m/126'
DSP10 Satin Banner 100m/110yards,80g/sq.m(2.35oz/sq.yd) / 130g/sq.m(3.8oz/sq.yd) / 150g/sq.m(4.4oz/sq.yd) 3.2m/126'

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