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18oz vinyl tarp - Factory Wholesale

Best 18oz vinyl tarp Manufacturer & Supplier​

UNISIGN is the professional 18 oz vinyl coated polyester tarps manufacturer and supplier based in China. We provide high quality wholesale PVC tarpaulin 1000D at competitive prices for worldwide customers. Our 18oz vinyl tarp is shipped directly from the factory at wholesale price. 

18oz vinyl tarp is ideal to make truck cover based on its high strength! It also works well for portable market material, awning material, pavilion material, small tent material…. 

Specifications of different 18 oz vinyl tarp materials

Items Weight Type Base Fabric Max Width Standard Length
UCT1122/610 18oz/sq.yd(610g/sq.m) vinyl coated polyester tarps 1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in 5.1m/200' 50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UKCT1122/610 18oz/sq.yd(610g/sq.m) Vinyl Knife Coated Tarp 1000D*1000D, 20*20/sq.in 3.45m/126' 50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
UKCT2220/610 18oz/sq.yd(610g/sq.m) Vinyl Knife Coated Polyester 1000D*1300D, 22*25/sq.in 3.45m/136' 50m/55yds; 100m/110yards
ULT1199/610 18oz/sq.yd(610g/sq.m) Laminated Tarpaulin 1000D*1000D, 9*9/sq.in 5.1m/200' 50m/55yds; 100m/110yards


Features of 18 oz 18oz Vinyl

Certificates of Unisign PVC Tarpaulin

china vinyl coated tarp 18 oz factory - wholesale 18 oz vinyl tarp material

Shanghai Unisign Industrial Material Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of PVC Tarpaulin. Now we have 2 factories manufacturing bases as our support. Equipped with 3 calender lines & 5 laminating and coating lines, we produce more than 120 million square meters annually.

With 15+ years of experience, UNISIGN PVC tarpaulin has been sold to 90+ countries and areas of the USA, UK, Canada, Australia,  Russia, Egypt, Tunisia, etc., and more foreign markets will be promoted in future…

Equipped with 20 m auto-cutting machine, 40 m auto high frequency welding machine & some other stitching machines, hot air welding machines etc, we can accept OEM & ODM.

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About 18 oz vinyl tarp material

PVC tarpaulin is a sort of sturdy material, made of PVC films and a piece of the base fabric. It can be coated or laminated. The base fabric is estimated by the weight and the wind of the strings. The heaviness of strings is estimated by denier.

18oz vinyl tarp implies the heaviness of the strings in the base fabric is 1000 denier, it does not demonstrate the density of the string, nor does it show the strength or weight of the tarpaulin. The heaviness of the entire tarpaulin is estimated in ounces.

It necessities to go through the accompanying severe quality examination process, Width checking-Roll length checking-Weight checking-Tensile checking-Adhesion checking-Tear strength checking-Anti-aging checking-Weft checking-Welding checking-Abrasion checking. You can choose from glossy, matte, or embossed surfaces or customize them.

Properties of 18oz vinyl tarp

  • Strong
  • UV-treated
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch safe
  • High thickness
  • Heat protection
  • Supported in strength
  • Mildew and rot resistant
  • Wear and tear resistance
  • Flame retardant treatment

Applications of 18oz vinyl tarp:
It is very versatile and you can use it for a wide variety of purposes. You can use it for tent, truck cover, side curtain, PVC strip screen, Membrane roof cover, car wash mat, inflatable castle, inflatable boat, outdoor furniture, air duct, water tank, drop stitch mat, etc. You can utilize it in a wide temperature range: – 20~+70°C.

The standard 18oz medium duty vinyl tarp rolls are the most commonly used across industries since it is known for it’s reliability as well as long lasting tough material. Our medium duty vinyl tarp rolls are designed to be waterproof, decay-proof, mildew resistant, acid resistant, grease resistant, and tear resistant to give you long-lasting use for years.

Our medium duty vinyl tarp rolls are enhanced to be UV resistant so it would resist cracking or tearing even under the harsh sun. The medium duty vinyl tarp rolls are ideal for agriculture, construction, and industrial.
Unisign’s 18 oz vinyl coated polyester tarps are completely waterproof and have high abrasion and tear resistance. Our vinyl fabrics resist oil, acid, grease and mildew and protect well against the element. Coated Vinyl Polyester is ideal for agriculture, construction, industrial and trucking use.

Material: Our 18 oz vinyl coated polyester tarps roll are 100% waterproof, UV resistant, mildew resistant, oil/grease resistant, and resilient to tearing, making it great for outdoor as well as indoor projects. The 18 oz tag on our vinyl tarp indicates the overall weight of the tarp per square yard, which gives you an idea of the thickness and density of the product. Our medium duty vinyl tarp rolls are designed to withstand heavy use.