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Is polyester flag fabric good?

The polyester flag fabric is one of the three most common flag materials. It is the best fabric to withstand strong wind conditions. It is ideal for heavy-duty flags that need to be flown all year round. Polyester flags in Unisign offer both an authentic appearance and durability. Good ink absorption, vibrant colors, and good color retention. It is the most popular material for outdoor flags.

When we are choosing a flag, we need to consider many factors in a comprehensive way. But the most important point we need to consider first is the fabric for flag making. The performance of the material itself is related to where the flag will be used (indoor or outdoor), how long it will last, etc.

What materials can flags be made from?

Most of the flags are made of polyester, nylon, and cotton. In addition, wool, linen, and silk can also be used to make flags, but only to a small extent. Then what are the distinctions among them, and why do more people choose polyester flag fabric as the flag material? Let’s figure it out.

Comparison between polyester flag fabric and the other two materials

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Cotton flags are suitable for indoor hanging

Cotton was the first fabric material to be used. Cotton flag fabric was widely used before the advent of synthetic fibers. Cotton fibers were spun into yarns and used to make soft, breathable textiles. Cotton flags have a traditional texture and appearance. Because of its natural softness, it is more suitable for indoor hanging. When hung outdoors, fading, staining, shrinkage, and loosening may be encountered, so cotton flags are not recommended for outdoor use.

Nylon flags are suitable for mild weather

Nylon material itself is strong and lightweight and is a widely used synthetic fiber. Nylon flags are one of the most flexible materials with a lightweight and bright attractive appearance. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. However, the lightweight also results in poor wind resistance and is suitable for areas with light and moderate winds, not for areas with strong winds.

Polyester flags are suitable for strong wind areas and unpredictable weather conditions

Polyester and nylon are both synthetic fibers. They are two applicable outdoor flag fabrics. Polyester flags are tougher, more durable, and stronger compared to the above two materials. Like nylon, polyester flags resist shrinkage, stretching and are easy to care for. Unlike nylon, it is highly wind-resistant and less affected by weather, making it ideal for use in windy weather.

Compared with nylon material without special treatment, the polyester flag has better fade resistance and the flag’s vivid color can be maintained for a longer period of time. In addition, polyester flags have fast-drying properties and dry faster than nylon flags after a rainy day. In addition, polyester flags have good ink absorption, vivid colors, and good color fixation. Good durability makes it the most popular material for outdoor flags.

How long does a flag last?

Among the many influencing factors, the weather is the most important one. There will be a difference in the durability of the fabrics, but the specific conditions of use make it difficult to have a definite time for the final life of the flag. Even all-weather polyester flags, which are highly weather-resistant and durable, can be damaged in extreme weather. So, how to extend the life of your flag, you can do the following.

How to make your flag last longer?

  • Avoid touching other objects.
  • Dust it regularly.
  • Wipe it with warm water.
  • Bring the flag back indoors in extreme weather.

I believe now you have more knowledge about polyester material and polyester fabric flags, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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