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Polyester Flag Fabric

Is polyester fabric good for outdoor use?

Polyester fabric is a kind of polymer, made through the polymerization process. Man-made fibers with polyester perform better in water resistance, wind resistance, stain resistance, and weather resistance. It is a material with both durability and versatility, which is good for outdoor use.

Wide application

Polyester fabric is a widely used material. It is easy to see it in everyday applications. Industries, where it is used, include automotive, aerospace, apparel, household, industrial and medical applications. The ability to resist wrinkles and shrinkage makes it a common choice for apparel. Household applications include bed sheets, blankets, upholstered furniture, computer mouse pads, pillows, and quilts.

Industrial applications include automotive tire reinforcements, conveyor belt fabrics, and seat belts. Other applications include tents, raincoats, swimsuits, backpacks, awnings, tarpaulins, flag fabrics, flying banners, display fabrics, shower curtains, furniture covers ( indoor and outdoor), etc.

The durability of outdoor application items is more reflected by the weather resistance of the materials used to make them. Weather is an important factor in outdoor activities, and it is a wise choice to pick durable materials for outdoor items to cope with different weather and unexpected situations. Outdoor applications, therefore, require a high level of weather resistance for the material. So is it a weather-resistant material? The answer is yes.

Is polyester good in the rain?

Polyester Flag Fabric

First of all, how can we tell how well a material resists water? There are two expressions, water-resistance and waterproof. Both are distinguished by the water barrier properties of the material itself, and both can achieve similar results.

100% polyester has a slight hydrophobicity and can resist a considerable amount of water. Although the raw material is not completely waterproof, the finished product made of polyester can effectively prolong the time that water enters the fabric, thanks to the increasingly compact internal structure of polyester and the waterproof coating on the surface. Its a significant property for durability.

In heavy rain, water enters the fabric through the tiny seams of polyester. In light rain, the rain droplets stay on the surface of the fabric and then slide off. It performs well in the rain. Don’t worry about light rain ruining your time outdoors.

Does polyester fabric fade in the sun?

Fading is caused by the reaction between the UV rays of the sun and the dyes in the fabric. It is a synthetic fiber that resists UV rays effectively and retains its color well, so there is no need to worry about it fading in the sun.

Is polyester fabric fast drying?

Unlike cotton, which is an absorbent material, polyester is non-absorbent. Water does not pass through the fibers easily. This means that it dries faster than other materials. This is a welcome feature for those who live in areas with more rainy days and higher humidity.

Is polyester fabric flammable?

Polyester has a higher flammable temperature than nylon and is, therefore, less flammable than nylon. However, the heat resistance of polyester is not as good as the water resistance, so it is not recommended to use polyester in a high-temperature environment for a long time. FR: FR: B1/NFPA 701/AS1530 are available for Unisign textiles.

Is polyester fabric tear resistant?

The material itself is undeniably tough. Polycotton, which is a fusion of polyester and cotton, combines the advantages of cotton while maintaining the toughness of polyester. Therefore, you can use it with confidence.

It performs well in outdoor use. We offer several series of textiles made with 100% polyester, including polyester backdrop fabric, polyester tent fabric, etc. You can contact our professional team for consultation and purchase, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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