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What are gym dividers?

Gym dividers, also referred to as gym divider curtains, are comprised of high-tenacity PVC resins and 100% polyester. As the name suggests, gym divider walls are specially designed to divide the whole gym into small areas for different activities. Gymnasium dividers allow to organize basketball games and coach various teams at the same, which significantly utilizes the gym space.

Gym dividers are more economical alternatives to solid walls and doors. These dividers are easy to install and remove, and store when not in use. Moreover, gym divider curtains can effectively screen off the peeping views and reduce distracting background sounds. Gym divider walls also avoid flying balls from entering other spaces.

18oz Vinyl Tarp
18oz Vinyl Tarp
Gym Dividers
Gym Dividers

Gym wall dividers often come in a variety of styles, and we also provide customized sports curtains with team names and logos on them. These gym dividers are frequently applied to multiple sports fields, including tennis courts, basketball courts, and indoor baseball fields, etc.

Unisign is a professional gym divider manufacturer & supplier with 15+ years of experience. Our factories offer a range of gymnasium divider rolls and custom gymnasium dividers that come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes according to your requirements. We also offer professional and experienced sales teams to provide clients the attractive wholesale prices and services. If you are looking for high-quality gym divider curtains, please contact us for more specific information and quotation lists.

Applications of gym divider

  • Suitable for sports and recreational situations
  • Can be applied to various sports areas, such as tennis courts, basketball courts, indoor baseball fields, etc.
  • Also can be used in garages, warehouses, etc
Gym Dividers With Team Logos
Gym Dividers With Team Logos
Curtains For Sports Fields
Curtains For Sports Fields

Recommeded specification for gym dividers

As for recommended weight for gym dividers, we offer 18 oz PVC tarps. We also offer custom sports dividing walls to suit your need.

Categories of gym dividers

Fold-up and fold-up radius gym dividers

These two kinds of gymnasium curtains greatly maximize the sports space for different events and activities. Due to the curved design of fold-up radius gym dividers, it can separate the center court area from the running tracks.

Fold Up Sports Dividers
Fold Up Sports Dividers
Fold Up Radius Gym Divider
Fold Up Radius Gym Divider

Walk-draw gym dividers

Another cost-effective option for sports courts with tight budgets is walk-draw gym dividers. Since the curtains do not require electricity, they can be controlled manually.

Walk-Draw Gym Curtains
Walk-Draw Gym Curtains
Gym Divider Curtains
Gym Divider Curtains

Roll-up gym dividers

Roll-up gym divider curtains offer a wrinkle-proof and crease-proof surface since they can be rolled up for storage. With mesh structure, these curtains provide better airflow and visibility.

Roll Up Mesh Gym Divider
Roll Up Mesh Gym Divider
Roll Up Sports Dividing Walls
Roll Up Sports Dividing Walls

What are the advantages of gym dividers?

  • Versatile: Our gym dividers can be utilized in daily and sports situations. These curtains not only serve as barriers to separate different competition teams in sports venues, but also work well as temporary partitions for garages, warehouses, etc.
  • Convenient: Sports dividing walls are simple to put up and disassemble. The curtains can be kept against walls or hallways since they’re foldable. They are also easy to transport for multi-functional usage.
  • Durable: Fabricated from synthetic material, our gymnasium dividers are sturdy and resilient to resist severe wear and damage from powerful athletes.

Why is there a need to use gym dividers?

Because sports dividing walls can offer great privacy when you are exercising in public. These curtains can be utilized to separate areas for various types of exercise, including Aerobics, Pilates, resistance training, weight training, etc.

The benefits of gym dividers

  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • Self-cleaning
  • Long service life
  • Flame retardant
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Various color options
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Excellent flexibility and tear resistance
  • Wide applicable temperature: -35~70℃
  • Excellent weather resistance: resistance to UV radiation, wind, snow, rain,
  • hail

Features of Gym Divider

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