How to Choose the Best Flag Fabric

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Flags are a common decoration in our daily use. There are numerous options to choose from, ranging from cotton flag fabric, silk flag fabric, nylon flag fabric, to polyester flag fabric. And flags made from different materials have different purposes and lifespans. Therefore, choosing the right material to make your special flags is crucial. You […]

 What is the flag fabric?

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The flag fabric is the silk thread of chemical fiber, which is woven by different weaving methods, and then passes through different coating methods in the later stage, so that the material can be digitally printed to display the flag picture. The popular point is that the flag cloth inkjet refers to the use of […]

What are Feather Flags?

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How to stand out a display of your brand on a busy street or at crowded trade show events? Feather flags are a wonderful way to draw attention to your business anywhere like a supermarket, tradeshow, shopping mall, and various locations of events. Feather flags are effective, high-visibility, and an opportunity to get your business name, logo, and colors noticed by pedestrians and road […]

Is polyester flag fabric good?

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The polyester flag fabric is one of the three most common flag materials. It is the best fabric to withstand strong wind conditions. It is ideal for heavy-duty flags that need to be flown all year round. Polyester flags in Unisign offer both an authentic appearance and durability. Good ink absorption, vibrant colors, and good […]