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4 types of PVC banner material

Pvc Banner 2

Based on different characteristics, there are 4 main types of PVC banner material, which are frontlit banner, backlit banner, mesh banner, and blockout banner.

PVC – polyvinyl chloride has numerous outstanding characteristics. It is solid, durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and can endure extreme temperatures. It is feasible to deliver exceptionally excellent prints on PVC. Nonetheless, most PVC standard materials contain a fabric made of polyester yarn.

PVC flex banner is an extraordinary approach to promoting your business inside and outside, that is often used in places with lots of visitors such as trade fairs, exhibitions, and festivals. A PVC flex banner will continuously draw attention. While good quality is the first thing to consider. Knowing more about PVC flex banners helps you to select a satisfactory and high-quality product.

PVC Frontlit Banner

Frontlit banner is one of the most well-known PVC banner materials available now. It has been certificated by the B1 fire retardant. 16 specifications are available in Unisign.

Optional Process: Laminated/Coated

Available Surface: glossy/matte/semi-matte is available.

Optional Colors: black/grey (optional back colors)


Best flexibility & strength

Perfect printing ability

Good color fixation

Great smoothness

Backlit PVC Banner

Backlit flex banner is a special translucent flexible substrate ideal choice for backlit displays, including large format light boxes, airport lightboxes, and indoor & outdoor displays. It is made of high strong yarn and flexible PVC. Backlit banner material performs well on a high glossy surface, Anti – UV, water resistance, and lasting vivid graphics.

These banners will generally have high conveyance as light is coming from the rear of the banner, projecting more clear and more apparent graphics because of low clarity.

Laminated backlit banner and coated(cold/hot coated) backlit banner are available. 8 specifications are prepared to meet your needs.


Smooth surface

Glossy/matte surfaces are available.

Brilliant graphics

Good ink absorption

Strong stretching resistance

Good weather resistance

PVC Mesh Banner

Mesh banner is a kind of material made of polyester and PVC. It is lighter than the frontlit banner, so it is an excellent choice for outdoor advertising.

We accept customized size, shape, color, and logo of mesh banners, leaving you more design space. There is more space for choice, you can select mesh banners with white/white, or white/black based on your needs. Besides, mesh banners with liner and without liner are all available. 6 specifications are available.


High wind resistance

Popularly used on a fence advertising

Good flexibility

Strong adaptability with ink

Blockout PVC Banner

The blockout banner is designed as an opaque banner with the option of printing graphics on one or both sides. The same pattern can be printed on both sides, or different designs can be made. In short, it can fully play the role of publicity. It is often used for double-sided barrier banners or lamp post banners.

One side printable blockout laminated banner with knitted fabric and a double side printable blockout coated banner with weave fabric is available.

The black inside or black back layer provides 100% opacity to allow for consistent printing with different contents on both sides (fold it or double-side printable). 5 specifications are available.

UNISIGN™ Flexible PVC banner is compatible with Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV & Latex ink. Perfectly suited for indoor & outdoor signs and display systems. They all meet the requirements of REACH, SGS, and B1. Based on European Fire Standards, B1 means hardly flammable materials.

For safety reasons, in case of fire, the banner will not catch fire immediately. The European Community has created this certificate to easily compare the flammability of materials. Materials classified as B1 are flame-retardant and therefore suitable for use at trade shows and fairs.

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