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Pvc Free Banner

What does PVC free banner material mean?

PVC free banner material is a substitute for PVC banners in posters, signs, backdrops, and other types of display advertising. Compared with PVC banner, PVC-free banner means a kind of material for banner without plasticizers, phthalates, and isocyanate. The most well-known substitutes are PET, PP, PE, and polyester, which are kinds of plastic however preferable for the environment over PVC.

Frontlit Banner Material

Frontlit Banner Material - PVC Free

Backlit Banner Material

Backlit Banner Material - PVC Free

Blockout Banner Material

Blockout Banner Material - PVC Free

Mesh Banner Material

Mesh Banner Material - PVC Free

Popular ways to use banners

A banner is a gradually common method used to attract new business. In addition to its effective advertising utility, it can also be used as a sign for large events or celebrations, etc.

Frontlit Banner

Frontlit Banner Material - PVC Free

Backlit Banner

Backlit Banner Material - PVC Free

Blockout Banner

Blockout Banner Material - PVC Free

Mesh Banner1

Mesh Banner Material - PVC Free

4 kinds of commonly used banner materials

The following are 4 types of commonly used banner materials.

Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric is the best choice for making indoor and outdoor banners. Banners made of the polyester fabric have a high-quality look as well as a dynamic bright feel. This material performs well in wear & tear resistance. It is suitable for use in mild weather conditions.


The vinyl banner is waterproof, fade-resistant, and maintains long-lasting color. It is easy to install with PVC banner eyelets. It is also easy to port because of its lightweight. However, you may worry that it will wrinkle over time.

Mesh Vinyl – PVC Free Mesh Fabric

Mesh banners are made of interlaced fibers and are highly wind-resistant for use in windy areas. The structure of the mesh PVC banner  and

PVC free mesh make it last longer, but you need to understand that the graphics on mesh banners are not as clear as other varieties of materials.

Pvc Free Mesh Banner V1
Item NamePVC Free Mesh Banner
Base Fabric1000*1000d/12*12
Width1.0-5m max width
Length50m/100m/150m/200m or customized
Characteristics1. For advertising on spacious (building) surfaces and interior applications.
2. Flame-retardant pre-processing available.
3. Knit material with binding yarn for extra stability.
4. No distortion during welding due to thermal fixation of raw fabric prior to coating.
5. Compatible with UV ink, solvent & eco-solvent also available if necessary.
SurfaceAcrylic coated, PVC FREE
MOQ20 rolls
Delivery time25-30 days
PackageHard Tube or Craft Paper packing


The texture of canvas banners is similar to painted cloth and is more frequently used for background display. This material has the characteristics of high resolution and strong visual appeal. However, indoor use is better than outdoor use.

Among the above several commonly used materials, Polyester Fabric is better for the environment, in addition to several other non PVC banner materials that do not contain PVC. They are PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) vinyl, PP (polypropylene) vinyl, and PE(polyethene) vinyl. PET vinyl is used to make block-out banners, and PE vinyl is more used in products for short-term use, like posters.

Eco-chic of PVC Free Banner

As people become more environmentally conscious, various sectors of society, such as the restaurant industry, are making improvements to improve environmental pollution. Materials suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising campaigns are no exception. PET, PP, PE, and polyester are commonly used PVC-free materials that are more eco-friendly, printable, and durable, making them an ideal alternative to traditional materials for advertising banners nowadays.

Unisign PVC Free Banner Material

The use of biodegradable raw materials to make products that can be recycled has become a progressive trend in manufacturing too, and the purchase of eco-friendly products is becoming a trend.

In the research & development process of our products, Unisign adheres to the concept of sustainability and is committed to producing biodegradable & durable banner materials. We always like to do what is not easy but beneficial.

Based on ecological care and protection of our living environment, we offer PVC Free Banner made of TPU material. TPU is 100% recyclable and biodegradable in 3-5 years, so it is a kind of advanced eco-friendly material. Applying green banners is a kind of advertising, but also a manifestation of the environmental protection concept.

Benefits of PVC-free banners?

In addition to the eco-friendly feature, there are many other benefits as follows.

  • Strong durability for longer use.
  • Excellent ink absorption with vivid graphics.
  • Long-lasting color fixing.
  • Excellent weather resistance is sufficient for outdoor environments(mesh banners perform best on wind resistance).
  • The richness of types(frontlit, backlit, mesh, and block out banners are available).
  • Wide range of applicable places(indoor&outdoor).

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