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Frontlit Banner

What is a PVC banner?

PVC(polyvinyl chloride) banner, or vinyl PVC banner, is a kind of printing material, made of plastic. It is widely used for indoor & outdoor advertising.

What types of PVC banners are available in Unisign?

There are many types of PVC banners to meet the needs of many scenarios. You can select from frontlit bannerbacklit bannermesh banner and block out banners in Unisign based on your own requirements.

PVC frontlit banner

Coated Frontlit

PVC frontlit (frontlight) banner is a kind of coated or laminated PVC film for indoor or outdoor advertisement display. It is designed for optimum front lighting. Four kinds of surfaces are available. They are matte, glossy, semi-glossy, and semi-matte surfaces. It is compatible with Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV & Latex printing.

Frontlit banner material contains high strong yarn and flexible PVC. It is Anti-UV, waterproof with long-lasting vivid graphics. Now, it is widely used in billboards, display stands, rollup banners, or large format billboards.

PVC backlit banner

Laminated Backlit

Backlit (backlight) banner is a kind of translucent & flexible printing film, commonly used for advertisement display, like Trade Fairs or any large indoor or outdoor gathering. It is mixed of fabrics. The main light source is behind the banner. And it allows more lights through. It works great when you want to hide your light source behind for space, aesthetics, or safety reasons.

Backlit banner is used for printing press with customized logo. It fits for outdoor large-size advertising, outdoor billboard, or signs. Unisign PVC backlit banner is wear & tear resistant, moistureproof, eco-friendly, durable, and waterproof. It’s a special flexible substrate – an ideal choice for backlit displays, including large format light boxes, airport light boxes, indoor & outdoor billboards, exhibition booth decoration, building murals, backlit bus shelters, and in-store displays.

Mesh banner

Mesh Banner 1 768x768

Mesh banner is made of high strong yarn and flexible PVC with small holes, it’s another way for super large building wrap advertising. It is a kind of highly flexible material special for all types of injection systems based in Ink Solvent or eco-solvent.

Mesh banner material owns the characteristics of durability, weather resistance, good ventilation, and light transmission surface, Anti-UV, waterproof, vivid graphics, etc.

You will need one if you want a fencing display or building murals display. It offers a good effect when used on fence advertising. It is designed in a special structure that can effectively protect against wind, so if you live in a high wind area, it can be a good way to relieve you from worrying about windy days.

Blockout banner

Coated Blockout

Blockout banner is a kind of premium coating material for indoor & outdoor posters. It is printable (one or two-sided), 100% opaque for advertising banners. It is made of high strong yarn and flexible PVC, blockout banner material itself is durable, weather-resistant, fire-resistant, and flexible. Glossy/Matte surfaces are available.

What is the temperature range in which the PVC banners can be used?

The applicable temperature range is: the minimum temperature is -20 degrees, and the maximum temperature is not limited.

Tips to make your PVC banner last longer.

PVC flex banner is made of durable plastic, normally, it can last for years. The life expectancy of your banner can rely upon an assortment of elements like applied location, installation, environment, climate, maintenance, and other factors. Then how to make your banners last longer?

  • Try not to hang wet banners. Spread it out and allow it to dry totally prior to putting away or rehanging.
  • Try not to move up wet banners.
  • Clean your banner routinely with soapy water.
  • Store your banner in a cool and dry position.
  • Keep your banner away from rust or any other corrosion.

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