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4 popular uses of PVC tarpaulin material

PVC tarpaulin material is a large piece of waterproof material commonly used to protect things from damage. It is durable, affordable, and versatile, here are 4 of the most common uses: inflatable tarpaulin, pool tarpaulin, vinyl tarps for the bag, and PVC tarpaulin for truck cover.

PVC tarpaulin fabric is industrial grade for heavy-duty use. It is waterproof and has high abrasion and tear strength. It is effective against oil, acid, grease, and mildew. It is ideal for industrial, agricultural, transportation, emergency shelter, medical healthcare treatment, and other daily maintenance applications.

Tarpaulins protect people and objects in all areas of production and life, reducing damage caused by external weather factors (including damage from strong winds, heavy rain, sunlight, and other unexpected conditions). Specialized materials are available for different uses, so choose specialized materials to have the best effects.

Inflatable Tarpaulin

Inflatable Castle

PVC tarpaulin inflatable is made of firm polyester with two layers of PVC coating. It is suitable for the production of various inflatable products.

Unisign’s inflatable tarpaulins are widely used for many different types of inflatable products, including inflatable boats (the use of inflatable boats is gradually increasing, which is another indication that inflatable tarpaulins are reliable and are being used more and more widely), inflatable castles, floating boom, inflatable toys, water trampoline, soccer fields, inflatable marine lifeboat, volleyball courts, jumping castle, inflatable slides, etc.

Why PVC tarpaulin material is popular?

  • The high strength of raw materials, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, good wind resistance, and long service life.
  • Good air tightness, resistance to hydrolysis, no leakage of water.
  • Strong weather resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, UV resistance.
  • Good color fixation endures time.
  • Strong flame retardant, which can effectively avoid safety accidents.
  • Non-toxic, odorless, dust-free, harmless to the human body.
  • Easy to clean, store, and recyclable.

Pool Tarpaulin

Pool Tarpaulin

A PVC tarpaulin pool is a waterproof cover used to protect water from insects and debris. The size and color of PVC tarpaulin for the pool in Unisign can be customized according to your needs.

A swimming pool in the family yard provides a good place for us and our children in summer. But there are leaves, dust, branches, bugs, etc. that may fall into the pool that can add to the task of cleaning up. We all know that this is never something to be happy about.

To save time on cleaning and to avoid some hassle, we can choose to cover the pool when it is not in use. Compared to customizing a pool cover, a PVC tarpaulin pool is a cheaper and more readily available cover material. It can achieve the same purpose. It is held in place by metal eyelets and elastic cords.

Performances of PVC pool tarpaulin

  • Compared with canvas tarpaulin, PVC tarpaulin has better support and its stability will not be affected over time.
  • Waterproof. It will not allow water to penetrate into the pool.
  • Acid-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the damaging effect of rainwater.
  • Both sides of the coating prevent it from decomposing and deteriorating in the sun.
  • Excellent crack resistance.

Bag Vinyl Tarps

Bag Vinyl Tarps

Unisign provides soft waterproof bag vinyl tarps with multi-color options with 500D, 1000D yarn. It can be applied to the production of various ice bags, traveling bags, dry bags, sports bags, and special bags.

PVC tarpaulin bag owns excellent abrasion resistance, waterproof resistance, and stain resistance. It is flame retardant, anti-mildew and antibacterial.

Truck Cover Material

Truck Cover Tarpaulin

Unisign produces tarpaulin material made of PVC for truck covers. 550gsm, 610gsm, 650gsm, 700gsm, 750gsm are popular options.

PVC tarpaulin truck cover is widely used in car tent covers, truck side curtains, and automobile engine cover cloths.

Features of truck cover tarpaulin

  • High tear strength
  • Great elastic strength
  • Good wind resistance

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