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Pvc Free Coated Fabric

What is PVC free coated fabric?

PVC free coated fabric is relative to PVC coated fabric. PVC coated fabric is made of a piece of polyester scrim in between PVC coating from two sides. While PVC free coated fabric is made of 100% polyester, it is a material type that is more friendly to the environment.

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What are the differences and similarities between PVC and PVC free?

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic that is comprised of 57% chlorine and 43% carbon. It has turned into the third-most widely used plastic in the world.


Both PVC coated fabrics and PVC free coated fabric are commonly used for architectural applications and textiles production.


The two differ mainly in terms of composition and recyclability.

1. PVC coated fabrics or vinyl coated polyester can be made through coated process or knife coated process with liquid PVC coated on two sides of the scrim. While PVC free coated fabric is not the typical vinyl fabric, it is free from PVC components.

2. In terms of recyclability, the PVC-free coated fabric is more secure for the maker, user, and the environment.

Eco concern

Based on the concern for the current state of the environment and thinking about mitigation measures, we focus on material sustainability in the process of product development. In order to reduce the pressure on the environment caused by non-recyclable materials, we aim to find an effective alternative material to PVC.

Now, you can find completely PVC free fabrics material at Unisign. We offer alternatives to traditional textiles. Our textile is made of 100% Polyester fabric, which is eco-friendly, energy-saving, and recyclable in practical use.

As a PVC free textile manufacturer, we are constantly improving our products to achieve a higher level of sustainability and to give action for sustainable development.

What do we expect from PVC-free coated fabric?

PVC-free fabric is a renovation of manufacturing. The use of PVC-free coated fabric is beneficial to both human health and the environment in the long run.

Advantages of Unisign PVC-free coated fabric

  • Durable. It can last for several years.
  • Lightweight. It is easy to be put into use.
  • UV coated for more stability under sunlight.
  • Color boosting with vivid color reproduction.
  • Shrinkage resistance. The shrinkage of our textiles <=2%
  • Resistant to biological damage: such as mold and mildew.
  • Recycled yarn represents eco-friendly consuming behavior.
  • Fire retardant lessens worries. Available FR: B1/NFPA 701/AS 1530.
  • Eco-friendly material. The PVC-free coated fabric is easier to dispose of.
  • Non-deformable: The material structure is stable and will not deform over time.
  • Good properties. Corrosion resistance, stretching resistance, crease resistance, etc.
  • Diversity of material uses. Flag, frame, backlit, blockout, and tent series are available.
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Wide applications

It can be used in lots of areas, including flying banners, display fabric, advertising, awning, curtain, outdoor tent, outdoor industry, frames or banners, fence, frame display, tension display system, wedding, etc.

UNISIGN® Dye Sublimation Textile

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Our PVC-free textile series include Samba Backlit Textile and Pearl Backlit Textile. They are popularly applied in SEG Light Box and SEG frame systems.

UNISIGN® Dye Sublimation Textile is one popular material widely used for flag, frame or banners, backlit light boxes, indoor advertising displays, and tents. All UNISIGN® sublimation fabric has Flame Retardant Germany DIN4102 and USA NFPA 701 certification, Tensile strength, Tearing strength and Bursting strength certification. It is compatible with Dye Direct, Dye Paper, and screen printing. It is printable with D – Gen, Durst, Reggiani, Epson, MIMAKI, MUTOH, HP, etc.

We have more than ten years of production experience, a professional R & D team, and a sales team, if you have any interest, you are welcome to communicate with us.

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