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When will you need a PVC tarpaulin cover?

When will you need a PVC tarpaulin cover?

PVC tarpaulin cover protects a variety of items from weather elements, debris, overspray, and dust. It provides protection for multi outdoor activities & buildings. It also is used as a shelter in case of emergencies.

The plastic tarp was made in 1932, and in the last few decades, PVC plastic has become one of the most widely used types of plastic. It is versatile and relatively inexpensive. This article will introduce the material composition, advantages, and wide range of uses of PVC tarpaulin roll, hoping to offer some help to you.

What is the material composition of PVC tarp?

PVC tarpaulin is a kind of waterproof covering material. It consists of two sheets of polyvinyl films and a piece of scrim in between. The scrim can be made of cotton, nylon, polyester, fiberglass, or a mix. Unisign – one of the best PVC tarpaulin suppliers in China provides tarps with PVC films and polyester.

What are the advantages of PVC tarps?

Pvc Tarpaulin


Compared to other alternatives for the same application, tarpaulin PVC is a relatively low-cost option. PVC tarpaulins are strong, durable, and affordable.


In fact, PVC tarpaulins are perfect for the most common protective uses. In civil construction, where a waterproofing plan must be developed, PVC tarpaulin is one of the most suitable materials for this project. Some common applications are: fabrication of beams, protection, and waterproofing of structures, covering of auxiliary materials and tools, etc. Besides civil construction, it can also be used for agriculture, livestock, plant protection, etc.


The toughness of PVC films and the surface coated with flame retardant substances, UV protection coating, and waterproof coating all make PVC tarps more durable. The material composition contributes to its strong properties that stand the test of time.

Easy to use

It’s quite simple to apply, with tarpaulins, you can easily build temporary shelters while on the journey. You can use it as a tent, and it requires no professional techniques.

Low Maintenance self-cleaning

PVC tarpaulins are self-cleaning, so if you want them to stay shiny, all you need to do is clean the tarp with a simple cleaner.

Easy to store

PVC tarpaulins are very flexible. You can fold or roll them up for storage when they are not in use. Besides, they just take up very little space and are easy to store and carry.

Excellent weather-resistant performance

It can be used to build temporary shelters when experiencing rain or snow and can be easily removed when not needed. Also, it can also be used to protect outdoor plants in your garden if needed.


Due to its versatile functions, it can be switched between several different uses to suit your needs. Typically one product can meet multiple needs and can help solve problems that may be encountered in life.

Compact size

It just takes up a small piece of space when packed, while it can cover a wider space than you imagined.


It is never too heavy to make inconvenience. Its lightweight feature makes it easy to operate, carry, and store, which attracts more people to choose.


This is the ideal multi-purpose tarp. There are lots of using ways of tarps. Areas covered include transportation, agricultural protection, healthcare medical treatment use, industrial construction, large-scale outdoor sports activities, plant and livestock protection, emergency shelters, everyday use, camping use, other industrial use, etc.

Where PVC tarpaulin cover is widely used in our daily life?

This is the ideal multi-purpose tarpaulin. The wide range of uses for tarps covers camping, greenhouses, construction projects, fishing, outdoor garages, roofing, truck/trailer/pallet cover, side curtain, rain and sunshine shelter on the playground, army tents, awnings, banners, inflatable products, pool, and package, etc.

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