Safety Mesh Material Available Wordwide

With 15+ years of experience, Unisign is a leading safety mesh material manufacturer & supplier. We sell high-quality safety mesh fabric to 90+ countries. UNISIGN safety mesh material has been sold to 90+ countries and areas of USA, UK, Canada, Australia,  Russia, Egypt, Tunisia,etc., and more foreign markets will be promoted in future… 


Our factories offer a range of safety mesh and custom safety mesh products that comes in different colors, sizes, and patterns according to your requirements.

 If you are looking for high-quality safety mesh, don’t hesitate to contact us for more specific information and quotation lists.

Safety Mesh - Factory Wholesale

Specification: 250*250, 500*500D, 840*840, 500*1000D, 1000*1000D, and also can be customized.

Weight: 240gsm, 250gsm, 260gsm, 300gsm, 340gsm, 360gsm, 400gsm, 440gsm, 610gsm, and also can be customized.

Popular colors: black, blue, orange, white, gold, silver, black and also can be customized.

Applications: trucks, anti theft mesh, trucks side curtain, trailers curtain, fence, pool covers, construction, etc.

Features: Water Resistant, Wrinkle Resistant, Fire Retardant,Sunproof,UV Resistant,Anti Vandalism/Anti Theft.

Professional production team, sales team, and support team. We can know and deliver what exactly you need.

Recommend Product Specifications For Safety Mesh

UNISIGN provides safety mesh for worldwide customers, and we also deal with safety mesh fence, graffiti anti vandal mesh, customized finished anti theft mesh.

ItemsDescriptionBase FabricWeight (gsm)LengthWidth
M99PCoated mesh banner, with liner1000*100D,9*9/ Without liner optional340 (10oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
M1212NPCoated mesh banner, with liner1000*1000D, 12*12/ Without liner optional360 (10.5oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
M1812PCoated mesh banner, with liner1000*1000D, 18*12/ Without liner optional340 (10oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
M189PCoated mesh banner, with liner1000*500D, 18*9/ Without liner optional300 (8.8oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
M1212DCoated mesh banner1000*500D, 10*11/ Double sides printable400 (11.76oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
M1212BCoated mesh banner, without liner1000*1000D, 12*12/ Black back240 (7oz)50m/roll1~3.2m,5m
UTM1414/250Coated mesh banner, without liner500D*1000D/18*12/300gsm Black back250g/sq.m(8oz/sq.yd)50m/roll5.1m
UTM1212/260Coated mesh banner, without liner1000D*1000D,12*12,340gsm Black back260g/sq.m(8oz/sq.yd)50m/roll5.1m
UTSL250/440Coated mesh banner, without liner250D*250D440g/sq.m(13oz/sq.yd)50m/roll5.1m
UTSL84/610Coated mesh banner, without liner840D*840D/2*1/610gsm610g/sq.m(18oz/sq.yd)50m/roll5.1m

Applications of safety mesh

  • Our PVC color mesh is widely used for trucks, anti theft bag, trucks side curtain, trailers curtain, fence, pool covers, construction, banner, billboards and scaffolding covers, privacy screen fence and sunshade.
  • PVC mesh fabric is widely used for outdoor leisure goods, furniture, beach chair, carpet, courtyard fence and so on.
Construction Safety Mesh Scaffolding Mesh For Building
Construction Safety Mesh Scaffolding Mesh For Building
Mesh Pool Safety Fence
Mesh Pool Safety Fence
PVC Construction Safety Mesh
PVC Construction Safety Mesh
Orange Safety Mesh Fencing
Orange Safety Mesh Fencing
Orange Safety Mesh For Road
Orange Safety Mesh For Road
Swimming Pool Fence
Swimming Pool Fence
Orange Construction Mesh
Orange Construction Mesh
Mesh Safety Pool Fence
Mesh Safety Pool Fence

Features of Safety Mesh

  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Long service life
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Inserted UV inhibitor
  • Anti-aging & anti-fade
  • Simple to install and assemble
  • Stylish and custom color options
  • Wide applicable temperature: -35~70℃
  • Excellent weather resistance: resistance to UV radiation, wind, snow, rain, hail
safety mesh material - blue
construction mesh netting - black

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