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PVC Exercise Mats - Factory Wholesale

What are PVC exercise mats?

PVC exercise mats, also known as PVC gym mats, are fabricated with 100% polyester and combined with PVC films. The non-slip PVC fitness mat is an innovative solution to enhance the efficiency of exercise activities such as yoga, warm-up exercises, gymnastics, etc.

PVC workout mats can serve as effective cushions to protect your joints and bones from injury during workout. PVC exercise mats can also be placed under sports equipments to prevent your floors and ground from being damaged.

Moreover, PVC gym mats are able to block out the dust and dirt on floors to maintain sports equipment in good condition. These mats are not only ideal products for yoga students, gymnasts, and dancers, but also are designed for elliptical machines, large-scale treadmills, and other exercise equipment.

PVC Tarp For Workout Mats
PVC Tarp For Workout Mats
Non Slip PVC Yoga Mat
Non Slip PVC Yoga Mat

Unisign is a professional PVC exercise mats manufacturer & supplier with 15+ years of experience. Our factories offer a range of PVC gym mat rolls and custom PVC gym mats that come in a variety of colors and sizes according to your requirements. We also offer professional and experienced sales teams to provide clients the attractive wholesale prices and services. If you are looking for high-quality PVC workout mats, please contact us for more specific information and quotation lists.

Applications of PVC exercise mats

  • Used in the fields of Sports & Entertainment
  • Suitable for various exercise activities such as yoga, warm-up exercises, gymnastics, etc
  • Perfect for elliptical machines, large-scale treadmills, bikes, weight benches, barbells, etc
PVC Gym Mats
PVC Gym Mats
Sports Mats
Sports Mats

Why choose PVC exercise mats?

  • By preventing dust and dirt of floors from getting into the fitness equipment, PVC exercise mats can help increase the service life of the equipment.
  • These mats can reduce and lessen the noise during workouts to avoid disturbing family members and neighbors.
  • PVC gym mats are easy to store and transport. They can be folded up and compacted into small rolls.

Are PVC exercise mats good?

PVC gym mats are definitely good for daily workouts. They can aid in your body’s stability and protect you from falling on a slippery surface. You might need PVC exercise mats if comfort and security are your top priorities when exercising.

Which material exercise mat is the best?

PVC exercise mats are the best among all the mats for their benefits of excellent durability and minimum maintenance. These mats also have a long lifespan.

Gym Mats
Gym Mats
PVC Sports Mat
PVC Sports Mat

How do you clean PVC exercise mats?

It’s quite easy to clean PVC fitness mats. Just grab a towel and soapy water to wipe out the dirt and dust from the mats. After that, you can apply a germicide to eliminate all possible germs or bacteria.

How thick do PVC exercise mats need to be?

For the concern of safety and comfort, PVC sports mats with a minimum thickness of 1/2 inch are recommended for frequent and rigorous exercise training.

As the cushions for the workout machines, the thickness of PVC exercise mats is around 3/8 Inch or 10 Millimetres.

How long do PVC exercise mats last?

If proper care is taken, PVC workout mats would have a long service life of 1+ years while still looking terrific and performing great.

Benefits of PVC exercise mats

  • Non-slip
  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Portable
  • Self-cleaning
  • Long service life
  • Flame retardant
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Various color options
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Excellent flexibility and tear resistance
  • Wide applicable temperature: -35~70℃

Features of PVC Exercise Mats

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