Display and display media

Popular Medias For Display Stand 9

Popular Medias for Display Stand Display stands are common in today’s marketing world. They are useful in trade shows, retail shops, shopping center and many other areas for various purposes. Displays are meant to present information clearly for potential customers. How to choose the right printing Media for the display stand? Today we will introduce […]

What is a tension fabric display

Tension Fabric Display (1)

Tension fabric is 100% polyester fabric with dye sublimation printing, it stretched over a rigid frame, printed with artwork. It becomes a rapidly growing trend for portable trade show displays and special event exhibits. The fabric display booths deliver the versatility your brand seeks. The Display Tension fabric is very durable and made from different materials. […]

Is polyester fabric display good?

Fabric Display 768x768

Polyester fabric display is a popular type of display, versatile, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Polyester is a durable and timeless display material. It is the best fabric display in the field of custom printing. Good printing is a great way to attract attention to your display. It is also a convenient […]