Popular vinyl fabric for premium block out banner

Popular Vinyl Fabric For Premium Block Out Banner1

Applications: Tradeshow Display POP Retail Graphics Outside Signage Unisign black-out vinyl fabric is a high tensile strength media with a block-out layer to prevent light through. The polyester scrim base is implanted between two printable vinyl layers to enhance strength, making this an excellent media for large-scale events signage in art galleries, historical centers, stores, […]

Features and application of PVC Banner

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Anyone who knows about PVC BANNER should know that there are frontlit banners, backlit banners, blockout banners, and mesh banners. It can be seen on various advertising lightboxes. So what are the characteristics of these types of PVC BANNER? Where can it be applied? Follow me below to learn more about it. Features of PVC BANNER Frontlit […]

Mesh Banners Material

Mesh Banner

What is PVC Mesh Banner? PVC mesh banner with a PVC liner featuring an extremely strong fabric. The perforated PVC materials reduce the wind load and prevent rips and tears This product offers a high print quality with remarkable text definition and a large color gamut to ensure colorful images and area fills, suitable for […]

What does PVC free banner material mean?

Pvc Free Banner

PVC free banner material is a substitute for PVC banners in posters, signs, backdrops, and other types of display advertising. Compared with PVC banner, PVC-free banner means a kind of material for banner without plasticizers, phthalates, and isocyanate. The most well-known substitutes are PET, PP, PE, and polyester, which are kinds of plastic however preferable for […]

4 types of PVC banner material

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Based on different characteristics, there are 4 main types of PVC banner material, which are frontlit banner, backlit banner, mesh banner, and blockout banner. PVC – polyvinyl chloride has numerous outstanding characteristics. It is solid, durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and can endure extreme temperatures. It is feasible to deliver exceptionally excellent prints on PVC. Nonetheless, most […]

What is a PVC banner?

Frontlit Banner

PVC(polyvinyl chloride) banner, or vinyl PVC banner, is a kind of printing material, made of plastic. It is widely used for indoor & outdoor advertising. What types of PVC banners are available in Unisign? There are many types of PVC banners to meet the needs of many scenarios. You can select from frontlit banner, backlit banner, mesh banner and block out banners in […]