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What is the best type of tarpaulin?

It’s a difficult question to answer what is the best type of tarpaulins.

But when you take into account the specific application and usage, the answer shows up itself.

Main application

Architectural tensile technical fabric

Temporary structures and permanent buildings are an outstanding usage of PVC tarpaulin. Due to its lightweight, long-lasting outdoor environment, it’s a popular element in designers’ work of stadiums, landscapes, parks, etc. The exposed conditions are always changeable with sunshine, rain, wind, snow, etc. So proof fabric must require to following characteristics: Good Self-Cleaning, Anti-Mildew and Anti-Ultraviolet, Anti-aging, Anti-acid /alkali, Super high strength /tensile, Low-shrinkage, Good welding performance, and excellent whiteness.  

The best choice will be 1500D high-density yarn coated in 1250gsm, while added with a biological anti-fungal agent, anti-aging agent, and other additives. The surface needs to be treated with PVDF or acrylic on both sides according to the customer’s requirements and has good anti-pollution properties.

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The truck covers technical fabric

Waterproof vinyl tarps help to avoid cargo damage during long-term transportation. Good tensile, tearing, adhesion resistance and good welding performance in the process of processing are required for making a good truck cover. The excellent surface adsorption capacity of ink and high color accuracy will allow specific logo printing for advertisement.

Recommend popular PVC Truck Cover Fabric, 550gsm, 610gsm, 650gsm, 700gsm, 750gsm with 1000D industrial yarn.

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Bag fabric

The bag has various shapes and applications both in everyday life and industrial production. So there are many fields that need a fabric to be waterproof, smooth, easy-clean, weldable, and isolate heat. OEM soft waterproof tarps with multi-color options with 500D, 1000D yarn is the best option.


Medical Vinyl Tarps

Medical application is a specific usage that needs to be anti-slip, anti-bacterial, anti-static, waterproof, easy clean. Mostly it is used as a mat on the bed. The most preferred tarpaulin is with unique pattern laminated tarps.

Air Duct Vinyl Tarps

 ‘Fabric duct’ has many advantages low cost, easy maintenance, lightweight for supporting, no condensation, fast installation, quieter, etc. The fabric needs to be soft and good tensile. Knife-coated tarpaulin in 340gsm is the best choice.


High-Speed Door Fabric

High-speed doors are used for heavy duty, industrial and commercial applications, these doors need to work well in either interior or exterior applications bearing wind and negative pressure. In this case, it will require features like bending resistance, buffering, quiet, high abrasion resistance. The best type of tarpaulin is coated 1000D 1300gsm fabric with good stiffness.

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Awning fabric

It’s easy to see a household door awning, window awning, retractable awning, or commercial awnings in apartments or streets. To avoid direct sunlight, rain, the fabric is offered with a block-out layer, while 1000D/500D yarn is laminated on both sides with strip PVC film. Strip patterns can be customized per color preference.

Usually, it’s made with features – Flame retardant, Outstanding UV resistance, low thermal expansion.

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Inflatable Tarpaulin

Airtight fabric is utilized in enormous amusement toys in the amusement parks and grand spots, for example, inflatable trampolines, inflatable water slides, and so on. Features incorporates High quality, super tensile, tearing and grip strength, waterproof and stain opposition, against UV, climate obstruction, high and cold temperature resistance. It meets European and American environment insurance.

The best option is knife coated color 1100D 610GSM PVC tarpaulin with excellent softness, 6 P free, no heavy metal.


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