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PVC Tarpaulin for truck cover/Truck Cover Tarpaulin

At present, PVC tarpaulin products are still used a lot in our lives. The use of such products not only has strong practicability but also plays a great role in the protection of items. With the rise of the transportation industry, the demand for Truck Cover tarpaulins on the market is increasing.

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There are many uses and types of truck cover tarpaulins, and they are also quite useful in life. Today we will explain what matters need to be paid attention to when using truck cover tarpaulins? What is the correct way to use it, please see below.

    1. Under normal circumstances, the car tarpaulin is only suitable for open cars, and a car is covered with a tarpaulin.

    2. Secondly, when using it, it is necessary to pay attention to the same sagging height of the tarpaulin on both sides of the vehicle, and the vehicle number is exposed. The tarpaulin thatch cover is flat with no exposed cargo. The top is ridged, the corners at both ends are closely attached, and the lines on both sides are smooth. The size of each part does not exceed the limit.

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3. The rope is tied and tied in the correct position, the knot is firm, and there is no slack and fall off. The rope tied to the T-shaped iron is in the shape of a butterfly wing, and the length of the head and tail of the rope is 100~300mm.

4. When using, it should also be noted that the length of the tarpaulin covering the endplate at one end of the car handbrake is ≤500mm. The hand brake disc of the truck is exposed, which does not affect the use of the hand brake disc and the hook lever.

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The above content is some of the use of truck cover tarpaulins in our lives that share with you. I believe the above content can help you. If you want to know more, please continue to email me: lisa@unisignflex.com, or find me freely on WhatsApp: 86-15216808996!

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