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Fence Tarps

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Unisign is a leading fence tarp manufacturer & supplier with 15+ years of experience. Our factories offer a variety of PVC fence rolls and customized tarpaulin fence products that come in a range of colors and styles.

If you are looking for high-quality fence tarps, please contact us for more information.

Application: PVC garden fence, construction safety fence, pool fence, marketing banners for advertising printing.

Weight: 240gsm/250gsm/260gsm/340gsm/450gsm/610gsm/650gsm, and also can be customized.

Specification: 300D*500D, 1000*1000D, 840*840D, and also can be customized.

Color: green, blue, black, and also can be customized. Printed pattern available.

Roll Size: 19CM*35M, 19CM*40M, 19CM*50M, 19CM*65M, 19CM*70M, and customized size.

Features: Waterproof, windproof,  UV Resistance, long service life, colorfast and easy installation.


Recommend Product Specifications For fence tarps

UNISIGN provides fence tarps for worldwide customers, and we also deal with customized tarpaulin fence.

ItemsWeightBase FabricMax WidthStandard Length
ULT35/450C450g/sq.m(13.25oz/sq.yd)300D*500D, 18*12/sq.in3.2m/126″50m/55yds;100m/110yards
ULT1818/650650g/sq.m(19oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 18*18/sq.in5.1m/200″50m/55yds;100m/110yards
ULT1199/610610g/sq.m(18oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 9*9/sq.in5.1m/200′50m/55yds;100m/110yards
M99/240240g/sq.m(7oz/sq.yd)1000D*1000D, 9*9/sq.in3.2m/126″50m/55yds;100m/110yards
UTSL11/340340g/sq.m(10oz/sq.yd)1000*1000D, 11*11sq.in3.2m50m/55yds;100m/110yards.
UTSL84/610610g/sq.m(18oz/sq.yd)840*840D, 2*1sq.in3.2m50m/55yds;100m/110yards.
UTM1212/260260g/sq.m1000*1000D, 12*12sq.in3.2m50m/100m.
UTM1414/250250g/sq.m1000*1000D, 14*14sq.in5.1m50m/100m.

What is fence tarpaulin?

Fence tarps are also called privacy tarps, or construction fence tarps. Green tarps for fences are made of 100% polyester that is coated with PVC fabric. Equipped with the features of superior durability, high UV resistance, and waterproof characteristic, our lightweight and portable PVC garden fences are designed to provide privacy and safety to gardens and construction sites.

fence tarpaulin
vinyl fence strips
vinyl fence strips

Functions of Fence tarpaulin

Due to its durability, affordability, and child-friendly features, our PVC fence for the garden has become increasingly popular in recent years. With no sharp edges or shards on the fence, it is a perfect option for any family with young children. Unlike wooden fences and metal fences, our PVC strip fences are more maintenance-free and eco-friendly. With long service life and weather-resistant quality, our PVC garden mesh is an ideal product for customers to enjoy their leisure time in the garden while blocking the prying eyes of passers-by. The privacy tarp for chain link fence not only can be used as a shelter to keep out the unwanted visitors, but also can be used as decorations on the balcony, patio, and garden.

vinyl fence strips
vinyl fence strips
fence tarpaulin

In addition to its ability to shield potential thieves and block unwanted views, our privacy tarp for fence also can be used as a marketing banner for functions like site promotion and sales assistance. Moreover, our coated garden mesh can function as a shelter to prevent invasion from animals like chickens and deer.

PVC coated garden mesh
Color Mesh Main Img2 300x300

Unisign is a leading fence tarp manufacturer & supplier with 15+ years of experience.Our factories offer a variety of PVC fence rolls and customized tarpaulin fence products that come in a range of colors and styles. If you are looking for high-quality fence tarps, please contact us for more information.

Categories of Fence Tarpaulin applications

1.PVC garden fence

PVC garden fence is generally used to provide privacy and safety to the gardens. Our privacy fence tarps consist of two types: PVC laminated tarpaulin, and PVC coated garden mesh. The majority of our PVC laminated privacy tarps for fence are manufactured from 650 gsm and 450 gsm PVC laminated fabric.

Popular colors of PVC garden fence includes anthracite ral 7016, grey ral 7040, and green ral 6005. We can also offer a range of custom colors according to your requirements.

Pvc Strip Screen 1

2.Construction safety fence

As the name implies, the construction safety fence is generally applied in construction sites. It is designed to garantee the security and safety of workers.

construction safety fence
PVC coated garden mesh blue

3.Pool fence

Pool fences are crucial products for swimming pools. With the protection of pool fence, it would provide a safe environment for childern and adults to enjoy their leisure time.

pool fence
PVC coated garden mesh black

4.Marketing banners for advertising printing

Moreover, our fence tarp can also be used as marketing banners for publicity and advertisement. With logos and numbers printed on the fence tarpaulin, it can function like company promotion and sales assistance.

Marketing banners for advertising printing

How long do fence tarpaulin last?

Because fence tarp is incredibly robust, elastic, and resistant to sunlight, wind, rain, hail, and snow, they can survice much longer than other materials. It would have up to 20 years of service life.

Features of fence tarpaulin

  • Waterproof
  • Child-freindly
  • Self Cleaning
  • Long service life
  • Environmentally freindly
  • Customized color options
  • High tenacity and superior durability
  • Easy installation and disassembly
  • Wide applicable temperature: -35~70℃
  • Excellent weather resistance: resistance to wind, snow, rain, hail, and sunlight.

Applications of fence tarpaulin

  • Decorative and protective garden fence
  • PVC Strip Screen Fence
  • construction safety fence
  • Marketing banners for site advertising
  • Pool fences
  • Wind protection shelter
  • Privacy fence screen
  • Deer and chicken netting

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