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What are 4 types of tent fabrics?

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Premium Waterproof Tent Materials No matter what time of year for long-time outdoor activities, it’s necessary to have a waterproof tent. Even if rain isn’t in the forecast, you have to worry about morning dew collecting on the outside. If your tent isn’t waterproof, that dew can seep inside, making things inside the tent get […]

What are the features of Tent Fabric?

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PVC coated tent fabric is made with polyester scrim and coated with PVC. They are the most popular coated fabrics for different tent applications. Usually tent fabric require strong tearing strength, tensile strength, adhesion strength, waterproof, blockout, fireproof, anti-UV, long durable time and self-cleaning features etc.

Is polyester tent fabric waterproof?

Water Resistant

The polyester tent fabric is highly water-resistant. The tent can be waterproof or water-resistant based on different materials. Among them, cotton fabric is naturally waterproof and breathable. As for other synthetic fabrics such as polyester tent fabric and nylon, although the material itself is not waterproof, the additional waterproof coating can also achieve the effect of water resistance. What […]

What is the best tent fabric?

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There are many kinds of tent fabric, including polyester, nylon, cotton, poly-cotton, and Dyneema. Each material has its own unique advantages and aspects that can cause distress. We all know that what fits is what is best. Selection of tent fabrics A tent is a necessary piece of equipment for outdoor camping and is a long-lasting necessity […]