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SAV12HT/140-Self Adhesive Vinyl

Additional information

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Film thickness: 0.1mm
Release paper: 140gsm
Size:0.914/ 1.07/ 1.27/ 1.37/ 1.52/ 1.6/ 1.82/ 2.02m
Features: High tack glue
Standard length: 50m/roll 25/30/75/100m is also available


1) windows
2) doors
3) bus bodies
4) walls
5) board advertising

UNISIGN self adhesive vinyl is available in a full range of widths up to 2.02m, which covers short-term promotion, medium, and long-term usage.

UNISIGN™ is the leading self adhesive vinyl manufacturer in China. Our vinyl sticker can be available worldwide.


The Most Popular Self Adhesive Vinyl Material Applications

UNISIGN provides self adhesive vinyl material for worldwide customers.

Application Self Adhesive Vinyl.jpg

Self Adhesive Vinyl For Bus Ads

Application Self Adhesive Vinyl 1.jpg

Self Adhesive Vinyl For Door Ads

Self Adhesive Vinyl For Truck Ads

Self Adhesive Vinyl For Truck Ads

Product Specifications

Product Specifications For Self Adhesive Vinyl – SAV12HT/140

Film thickness0.1mmRelease paper140gsm
FeaturesHigh tack glueApplicationswindows, doors, bus bodies, walls, board advertising
Suitable InksSolvent, Eco-Solvent, UV, Latex


Product Description

Self-adhesive vinyl, or self-adhesive vinyl film, or SAV for short, is a thin and flexible material mainly used to make signs, graphics, and digital printing. It comes in glossy or matte finishes. SAV consists of PVC film, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive, and PE-coated kraft paper. It is waterproof and resistant to high temperatures with versatile functions.

UNISIGN™ self adhesive vinyl sheets have the capability of good ink absorption and color penetration, the printing effect can be well guaranteed in terms of vivid color expression. The PVC film with equality, stabilization variegation, is suitable for use on a variety of super wide-format inkjet printers using a solvent ink. Our self-adhesive vinyl products are recommended for a wide range of short-term promotional applications on flat substrates.

It is available in a full range of widths up to 2.02m, which covers short-term promotion, medium, and long-term usage. It can be used on most flat and curved surfaces such as glass windows, doors, bus bodies, billboards, etc. It comes with a glossy or matte finish. Self-adhesive vinyl can be printed in a digital printing press. You can use self-adhesive vinyl to create wonderful advertisements for your business or unique and colorful stickers.

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Good Ink Absorption.

Easy to absorb ink and the graphics are brilliant.

Flexible, Not Easy To Break.

Flexible, not easy to break.

Excellent Performance Ratio For Outdoor Promotional Graphics.

Excellent performance ratio for outdoor promotional graphics.

Easy To Be Peel Out Without Residual Glue

Easy to be peeled out without residual glue.

Premium Series Has 3 Years Guarantee.

Premium series has 3 years guarantee.

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