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PCG135B-PVC Free Coated Fabric

Additional information

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Pearl Backlit Textile, For Lightbox
Weight: 135g/sqm
Features: woven coated
Max width:3.2m/126′
Standard Length:100m/110yards
Available FR: B1/NFPA 701/AS 1530
UV / Latex print

Application: SEG Light Box, SEG frame Systems

Advantages: super light, wrinkle resistance, easy installation, PVC free.

UNISIGN™ is the leading PVC free coated fabric manufacturer in china. Our PVC free coated fabric is available worldwide.

Professional production team, sales team, and support team. We can know and deliver what exactly you need. Please send your concerns to our team through the inquiry if there is any need.


The Most Popular Applications-PVC Free Coated Fabric Applications

UNISIGN provides PVC free coated fabric for worldwide customers.

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Pvc Free Coated Fabrics For Light Box

Application Pvc Free Coated Fabrics.webp

Pvc Free Coated Fabrics For Light Box

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Pvc Free Coated Fabrics For SEG Lightbox

Product Specifications

Product Specifications For PVC Free Coated Fabric – PCG135B

Used Pearl Backlit Textile, For Backlit Lightbox Coating side UV / Latex print
Features woven coated Weight 135g/sqm
Max width 3.2m/126′ Standard Length 100m/110yards
Shrinkage <=2% Available FR B1/NFPA 701/AS 1530
Application SEG Light Box, SEG frame Systems